ght for a moment and responded.

Miss Justice’s relaxed, natural and friendly attitude made him relax a lot, and he felt that this state was more conducive to the subsequent “comfort”.
That being the case, enjoying a pastry while doing therapy is definitely better than the alternative.
“Have another cup of black tea and add more lemon slices.” Audrey turned her head and said to the maid Anne.
Anne was not surprised at all by such an order. She felt that everything was so reasonable. She turned around and walked towards the entrance of the terrace, giving orders to the servants standing there.
Audrey did not rush for psychological treatment, nor did she ask the reason for Mr. World’s complicated emotions. She smiled and carefully introduced the specialties of this manor, thereby connecting with Dawn Dantès’s Rose Manor. After making a comparison, he naturally explained the current situation of the other party’s housekeepers and servants:
Some stayed in the manor and continued their previous work. With the output of Meige Manor, it was no problem to support them. There was even a lot of surplus that could be used to repair houses and donate to charitable organizations. Audrey only sent one person regularly. An accountant, a deputy housekeeper and a staff member of the foundation went to check; some felt that they had no real employer and could not play their role. They were ashamed of the salary they received and chose to resign and find another job. work; some became interested in charity activities, found a new meaning in life, and joined a foundation under Audrey’s name…
Klein listened quietly and asked a question from time to time, as if chatting with a friend.
When the black tea was served, he picked up the cup, took a sip, and nodded with satisfaction.
After watching him eat a piece of cream cake, Audrey turned her green eyes slightly and said with a smile:
“For angels, food seems to be no longer necessary?”
“Yes, it’s just a hobby.” Klein answered simply, then added, “It can be used to maintain one’s own humanity.”
“Maintaining one’s own humanity…” Audrey repeated thoughtfully, “Is this to fight against divinity? Does your current mental problem also fall into this category?”
She very gently introduced the topic into the realm of psychotherapy.
Klein nodded gently and said:
“You should have some experience. Every extraordinary person who has obtained divinity will definitely have this experience. The difference is just more and less.”
Audrey thought about it carefully and said:
“I occasionally dream about a ball of light that illuminates the whole world. Occasionally I hear indescribable and incomprehensible sounds, and see a blurry, strange, illusory sea that seems to contain many contradictory concepts. This is definitely A hallucination, but so real.
/“Well, I occasionally dream about a huge cross and hear someone praying in a low voice, but I can’t tell the specific content.”
“The original Creator created all things and split them into various extraordinary characteristics. Th