“What’s the answer to that question just now?”
On the surface of the mirror, water light floats, and silver words stand out one after another:
“Berdangorolin Cemetery…”
Byers, who craned his neck, felt his heart sink when he saw this, and strong sadness and loss could not be suppressed on his face.
The next second, new silver words jumped out of the water:
“The tombkeeper’s hut of…”
…This means…Biles turned from sadness to joy and said sincerely:
As soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly thought of two questions:
How many people can live in the tombkeeper’s hut? How many tombkeepers can there be?
His family is definitely more than just two or three!
Byers’ expression alternated between gloomy and clear, then fell silent again.
This prevented him from seeing the problem on the silver mirror:
“Great Master, am I answering kindly enough?”
“Yes.” Klein nodded invisibly and turned his attention to the remaining lady.
Pasha thought for two seconds and said:
“My wish is that you protect us until we leave Beldan alive.”
She found that Roy’s wish just now was very problematic, because the person leaving Beldan was not necessarily a living person.
“Smart.” Klein praised with a smile, “Your wish will be realized.”
“Then what price do we have to pay? I mean the reward for watching the magic.” Pasha asked hurriedly.
“Your wish itself is the price.” Klein replied briefly, and then asked thoughtfully, “If you clearly know that certain things are false, but you are willing to use them subjectively, then it should not be counted as false. Fraud, right?”
/Roy and others looked puzzled when they heard this. They thought about it seriously and shook their heads one after another:
“Definitely not.”
“It’s really a game between the two parties.”
“A voluntary act with clear knowledge certainly does not constitute fraud.”
“Definitely not.”
After listening to the four people’s answers, Klein smiled:
“Very good, this is the perception of normal people.”
As he spoke, he grabbed forward with his right hand a few times and dragged out a female figure wearing a simple robe and long black hair.
That is the historical pore image of Arianna, Abbot of the Night Abbey.
Klein looked around and saw that nothing unusual happened, so he smiled and said to the projection:
“Ma’am, what happened?”
Arianna’s eyes turned slightly and suddenly became dark, making people feel peaceful from the bottom of their hearts.
He said calmly:
“The Patriarch Larion of the Church of the God of War has escaped, and I am tracking him.”
Arianna paused and then said:
/“After I came to Beldan, I received a new piece of information.
“Intelligence shows that Larion took a sealed artifact with him when he escaped.
“0-02″… Klein repeated the number in his mind, feeling that the problem might be more troublesome than he expected.
Although it cannot be said that “0-02” is definitely more terrifying than “0-05”, after all, the essence of the “wishing lamp” is a sealed outer god, which is more powerful than all