s the victim. He was surrounded by the “Stoneskin Worms” for no reason. He was injured and escaped. In order to escape, even Horace, who was protected by him, died.

Now Archie’s extraordinary left arm is completely unusable and is at risk of being amputated at any time. Under such circumstances, the King of ‘Stoneskin Worms’ will not let him go.
In fact, this insect wave was caused by the “Stoneskin Worm” King. As a third-level Zerg, and also the Zerg King, the “Stoneskin Worm” King’s status in the Zerg is even higher than that of the ordinary third-level Zerg.
Coupled with the terrifying mutation ability possessed by the ‘Stoneskin Worm’ king, this makes it have extremely strong leadership abilities among the Zerg in this area.
In the past, because of the presence of the natural enemy ‘Iron-Winged Bat’, the ‘Stone-skin Worm’ king was still somewhat restricted. Now, without the ‘Iron-winged Bat’ king’s restraint, the ‘Stone-skin Worm’ king has absolute control in this area. leadership.
In this case, the king of ‘Stoneskin Worms’ launched a wave of insects that only level three or above zerg could launch under many restrictions, just to find its treasure ‘pregnancy crystal’.
/But as a sniper master, David didn’t even leave a breath for the ‘Stone Skin Worm’ King. Even the ‘Pregnant Crystal’ was packed into a space object, without even a breath leaking out.
This made it impossible for the ‘Stone Skin Worm’ King to find any clues about the ‘Pregnant Crystal’, but the ‘Stone Skin Worm’ King knew very clearly that the human beings’ hiding places were among the three bases in the area.
After that, there was another unfinished base, which was four bases.
The King of ‘Stone Skin Worms’ needs to determine a clear goal, and the petrified aura of Archie’s extraordinary left arm, coupled with the aura of Archie’s extraordinary himself, is the best guide.
On the day they lost the ‘pregnancy crystal’, only Archie Chaofan and Esmond Chaofan escaped. Esmond Chaofan was poisoned to death by Xiaobai, and his body was gone, so he had no breath.
As long as Archie’s extraordinary aura is still there, the Kador Academy base where Archie’s extraordinary presence exists has become the target of attack by the King of ‘Stoneskin Worms’.
The cunning King of ‘Stoneskin Worms’ mobilized all the Zerg combat forces in the area and divided them into four to attack four bases respectively, just to make the bases unable to support each other.
The ‘Stone Skin Worms’ group used the ability given to them by the ‘Pregnant Crystal’. In the underground rock layer, they used their ability to control the quality of the stone to silently open up a passage directly to the Kador Base. door.
/“Glenn, no matter what the reason is, let’s deal with the Zerg first!” Edwin Chaofan didn’t want the two Chaos to conflict at this moment, so he quickly persuaded.
Glenn’s eyes under the extraordinary mask were already red at this time. Just because of Archie’s extraordinary death, Gilman’s extraordinary death was for no reason. This was a huge loss to the coll