rtment in Sha District. He hadn’t seen Liang Ya for more than a month, and he missed her so much.

rtment in Sha District. He hadn’t seen Liang Ya for more than a month, and he missed her so much.
/It was already more than ten minutes after I got home. Wang Bo took out the key and eagerly opened the door.
However, the entire dormitory was empty. He searched all the rooms and found no sign of the two of them.
At this time, Wang Bo began to worry about the two women.
He took out his cell phone and continued to call.
The two women’s cell phones were still turned off. So, he started calling the two women’s dormitories respectively.
The landline in Liang Ya’s dormitory was not connected, but the other one was connected, but she said that Zhong Jiahui had not come back yet, and asked him enthusiastically if she wanted to leave a message.
Unable to find the two girls, Wang Bo became increasingly restless. He thought that since the two women were not in the dormitory or in his two apartments, then there was only the last possible place left, which was the house the two women rented near the school.
Wang Bo walked out of the house and started to take a taxi towards “Century New City”. Century New City is located near the Martyrs Tomb Commercial Street. It is a community that has been open for sale less than two years. The two women rented a house there.
In fact, when she came home from get off work yesterday and passed by the gate of Xinzheng University and saw groups of men and women rushing out of the school, she thought about what the two of them might do that night. Wang Bo and Liang Ya are upright and legitimate boyfriend and girlfriend. No matter what they do, it is understandable and justified. She had already been mentally prepared for this.
Sand District is only a few minutes’ drive from the Martyrs’ Tomb.
Arriving at the gate of the “Century New City” community, Wang Bo paid the fare and got off the bus. The two women rented a house in Building 3, 8-8. Wang Bo walked into the third building and took the elevator upstairs.
The elevator rose slowly and slowly, and Wang Bo began to feel more and more nervous. The rare moment when the two women turned off their phones at the same time gave him a bad feeling. He thought about the afternoon meeting with Zheng Yan in the international student dormitory. Ever since he had a relationship with Zheng Yan, he felt as if he had returned to the middle school days when his love affair first blossomed. Every minute and every second was full of excitement and vitality.
In the past, when he read Bai Juyi’s “Song of Everlasting Sorrow”, he always felt that the description in it, “(Chun) has a bitter night and a short day, and the sun rises high, and from now on the king will not go to court early” was too exaggerated. Although Yang Guifei is a great beauty, she will not let her down. Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty didn’t even bother to pay attention to Jiangshan Sheji.
However, with Zheng Yan, he felt that he had become the Tang Xuanzong of the 21st century. Big stars, billionaires, and family and country all seemed less important than being with Zhen