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The car that Hu Maolin drove to pick up Wang Bo was a newly purchased Accord. He was the driver, Wang Bo sat in the passenger seat, and Yao Meijuan sat in the back with his assistant Zheng Yan.
“Brother, have you replaced the shotgun with a cannon?” Wang Bo looked at the brand-new Accord and joked.
“It’s all thanks to Brother Zian’s blessing!”
“Yes, yes, Brother Zian is right, it’s a win-win situation!” Hu Maolin nodded happily.
On the way back to the city and to the hotel, Hu Maolin drove and explained to Wang Bo the day after tomorrow and the arrangements after tomorrow. Because although Wang Bo’s first chapter of “The Three-Body Problem” published last summer, “Once Upon a Time on Earth” was a huge seller and was reprinted many times within a year, with a cumulative sales of nearly 4 million copies as of this month, Wang Bo did not agree to him last year due to personal reasons. The other party finally agreed to the autograph session that he was planning to hold this year, so Hu Maolin prepared to have a big one. He signed fourteen stops for the other party at one go, with an average of one stop every two days and a day off every five stops. In the next more than a month , everyone will be very busy. As the initiator and planner of the “2002 China Tour for Wang Zi’an’s new work “The Three-Body Problem: The Dark Forest””, he will also accompany him throughout the process. The starting station of the autograph session was the same as the year before last, still set in the imperial capital, the heart of China.
“Okay, not bad! The arrangements are very good and thoughtful. Brother Hu, in the next month, Xiao Zheng and I will hang out with you! We are your soldiers. Wherever you point, we will go. Where to go!” After Hu Maolin’s introduction came to an end, Wang Bo nodded with satisfaction and said in admiration. The name Zheng Yan was also changed from “Swallow” not long ago to “Little Zheng”, regardless of the fact that Zheng Yan was three years older than him.
“Brother Zian, you are joking again. You are trying to slander me. How can I dare to order you? Why don’t you get eaten by your fans? In the next month, I will be the logistics manager with you. , if you have any ideas or needs, you are welcome, just tell me, and I will try my best to arrange it for you.” Hu Maolin smiled bitterly and shook his head, but he was extremely happy in his heart.
/In the past two years, some people have not changed, such as him, who is still the editor-in-chief of Writers Publishing House, but some people have changed drastically. For example, the little brother next to him has changed from a virtual multi-millionaire t