somewhat shy.

somewhat shy.
Wang Bo was extremely touched, warm, and comfortable, even more so than when he did something like that with a girl. He held the girl’s soft little face with his hands, and then He put his big, stubbled face close to the girl’s small face and said excitedly:
/“I will definitely do it! Xiangxiang, you will always be my Wang Bo’s woman in this life, you can’t run away! Even if you want to leave me, I won’t let you go! Not only do I want you to be my woman, I also want you to bear children for me and make you a happy mother! I want you, our children, your sister Chen Bing, your parents, your grandparents, to live a happy and healthy life with no worries about food and clothing! ”
Chen Xiang listened infatuatedly to Wang Bo’s straightforward and heartfelt words of love that she had never heard before. She felt excited and filled with happiness. For a moment, she felt a surge of love in her heart. She had an uncontrollable strong impulse to talk to the boy in front of her and do that! When she used to stay with boys, it was the boys who took the initiative, and she had always passively accepted it. Now, she wanted to Let yourself be more proactive.
The reason is very simple. No matter how beautiful a woman is, it will be difficult for the two of them to be together for a long time. For most men, no matter how boring they are, No matter how boring he is, he has to endure it because he can’t afford the price of separation.
But who is Wang Bo? Does he lack women or beauties? As long as he wants to, he probably doesn’t even need to hook his fingers, just one With his eyes and a kind smile, the most beautiful woman outside C may be going with him! Liang Ya must be very aware of this situation. She doesn’t know it herself, and her mother and her aunts will also make it clear to her!
Therefore, I would turn a blind eye to Wang Bo’s repeated cheating and misbehavior. No matter how angry I was at first, over time, I would forgive him and even marry another woman. Form alliances.
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to open an acting company or acting studio and become their own boss. Wang Bo also invested 300,000 yuan. This news made Su Mengyao so excited that she couldn’t sleep. As soon as she returned to the dormitory that night, she She couldn’t wait to call Wen Xiaohan next door, and the two ran to the rooftop of the dormitory to tell Wen Xiaohan the good news that Wang Bo told her that she should join forces with Wen Xiaohan and Gong Jing from Class 7 to open an acting studio, and the three of them would be the boss together.
Needless to say, Wen Xiaohan was surprise