said slowly: “Fortunately, I finally saved my life.”

said slowly: “Fortunately, I finally saved my life.”
“Huh!” As soon as Sha Shuanghao said these words, Ren Wei felt that his whole body was like There was a moment of relief like falling apart. The thing he was most worried about in the past two days finally didn’t happen. Thank God.
However, before his relaxation lasted for two seconds, Sha Shuanghao’s next words kicked him to the bottom:
“Xia Xi is going to ask a lawyer to accuse you, a **** criminal. Just be prepared to spend the rest of your life in prison.” Prepare to spend time in prison.” Sha Shuanghao glanced at Ren Wei and said coldly and expressionlessly.
/lawyer? Accusation? **** guilty? Jail? One terrifying word after another passed through Ren Wei’s mind, and his body couldn’t help but tremble. The blood on his sallow face faded and turned pale again. With a sad face, he wailed:
“Brother Hao, please tell Xia Xi to let me go. I really didn’t mean it! Brother Hao, you know who I am, and I am definitely not the kind of person who commits crimes!” “I treat you and your girlfriend.”
“You still know that Xia Xi is my girlfriend?” In the past few days, including catching Ren Wei in bed and even hearing that Xia Xi had committed suicide, Sha Shuanghao suddenly became angry. Furious, he picked up the square paper basket on the coffee table and threw it at Ren Wei’s face, “Is this how you treat my girlfriend? Ah? Ren Wei, how do I usually treat you? How do I treat your girlfriend? For the sake of fulfillment You naughty bitch, I prepared the wedding room that my old man prepared for me for you to use, but you drank and had sex, **** my mother-in-law, how do you treat me like this?” Sha Shuanghao suddenly transformed into a furious lion. While cursing, he smashed the remote control panel on the coffee table and the fruit basket on the opposite side of Ren Wei one by one.
A corner of the fruit basket hit Ren Wei’s forehead, and a trace of blood slowly leaked out, but he didn’t notice it and allowed Sha Shuanghao to beat and scold him. For him, compared to Sha Shuanghao who kept his anger in his heart without saying a word, he would rather the other party vented all his anger, so that he could alleviate a little of the guilt in his heart.
Sha Shuanghao spitted and cursed non-stop for at least ten minutes. He counted all the good things he said to Ren Wei, all the things he confided in, and all the things he had to say to Ren Wei, and then he shook his hands with trembling hands. He pointed at Ren Wei’s nose and asked one by one:
/“Tell me, Ren, how can I feel sorry for you? Can you tell me?”
Faced with Sha Shuanghao’s accusation, Ren Wei was extremely ashamed. He was just a human being. Jin repeatedly said that he didn’t mean it, and he didn’t know how he ended up in the same bed with Xia Xi that night.
When he said this, Sha Shuanghao immediately said with disdain: “Oh, it was Xia Xi who ran into your bed by herself? Deny it, deny it as much as you want, the blood and jing//ye on the sheets, including Xia Xi’s body I kept all the jing//ye and too