at experience and had experienced few killings. This made President Canning unable to block David’s special attack. Give him mental oppression.

If he were a veteran weapons master, it would be impossible for him to be so easily suppressed by David’s spirit.
Area A of the dormitory was easy to find. According to the map on his ID bracelet, David came to Area A.
Area A is divided into two parts, with the micro-villa area on the left and the six-story building on the right.
/David found the micro villa marked A100 in the micro villa area. This micro villa is also the micro villa in the leftmost corner of area A.
Use your ID bracelet to open the door of the micro-villa. There are two floors inside the villa, covering an area of ??about fifty square meters, and there is a practice room on the ground floor.
David did not expect that the college would arrange such accommodation for students, including bedrooms, study rooms, leisure, and sports. Although the area was a bit small, all functions were available.
There is even a gene repair cabin here, but you need to buy the gene repair fluid yourself.
After putting down his belongings, David checked the villa and found that there was no need to worry about the safety here.
The security system of the villa is managed by the college’s main security system. The security level is very high. Even if David wants to break through the security system here, it will take a long time.
These geniuses are not only in the military profession, but also in various cultural professions, and the electronic countermeasures profession is one of them.
David did not touch the security system of the villa, but added a security system written by himself to the security system to provide stronger security.
The villa is basically complete with daily necessities, but David still purchased many daily necessities for himself through the college’s internal shopping platform.
When David used the college’s internal shopping platform, he found that the college’s internal shopping platform was very powerful. In addition to using credit points to purchase some items that can be purchased from the outside world, you can also use points to purchase some special items.
For example, second-level enhanced meat, which is almost difficult to buy outside the world, can be purchased here at any time using points.
Even higher level three-level enhanced meat is also on the list of points that can be redeemed.
On the shopping platform, David even saw some resources he had never seen before, such as potions or items that enhance physical fitness, strength, agility, and spirit.
David saw the familiar name ‘Master Brain Spirit Potion’ in the list. Melvin gave him two bottles of ‘Master Brain Spirit Potion’. Due to his lack of understanding of ‘Master Brain Spirit Potion’, he did not give himself love. Take it.
Clicking on the ‘Master Brain Psychological Potion’ on the shopping platform, David saw the video of the ‘Master Brain Psychological Potion’, which was a green glowing potion stored in a transparent tes