e by his sister Zeng Ping in the securities company for him, a super wealthy person. In the VIP room he opened, he directed two professional traders who were specially allocated for him, a super-large accountant whose book assets have reached more than 10 billion, to operate through the fast trading channel in person, of course in accordance with his instructions.

“Finally, we can be ranked among the top 50 in China’s wealth list!” It’s a pity that it won’t see the light of day for a while. “Looking at the long series of red numbers in the account, Wang Bo sighed, feeling a little regretful.
Wang Bo was silent in his mind, feeling that his current wealth was similar to Robin Li’s.
However, Li Yanhong’s more than 10 billion was just book wealth. , not actual cash or heavy assets.
After making a lot of money, of course you should enjoy it and treat yourself and your family.
Wang Bo first upgraded his own car, buying a Bentley for himself, a Porsche for his god-sister, and an imported Volvo XC90 for Jiang Mei. Of course, it was in the name of his mother, but her mother didn’t know how to do it. When driving, Jiang Mei usually picks her up and drops her off, so it’s not an exaggeration to say that the car was bought for Jiang Mei. He originally wanted to give Jiang Mei a sports car, but Jiang Mei thought it was too high-profile, and she usually stayed with Wang Bo’s mother and had to be the driver to drive Wang Bo’s mother, so safety became her most important concern. After much deliberation, I visited several 4S stores and finally chose a top-of-the-line imported Volvo model worth more than one million yuan.
/As for why it is not Mercedes-Benz’s S-Class or BMW’s 7 Series, of course it has something to do with the so-called safety of “Wowo”. Unlike Mercedes-Benz which boasts luxury and BMW which boasts control, “Wowo” has been boasting for decades about the safety of the integrated cabin, three-point seat belts, side impact protection system, head and neck safety protection system, and blind spot information system, all of which are ” “I Wo” was invented.
After making a lot of money and adding three cars to his family, Wang Bo also wanted to give his pretty secretary a car because of her “hard work and great achievements”. However, when he asked the woman what car she wanted, Zheng Yan refused, saying that she now The MINI I drive is pretty good. If I drive a sports car to the company and my colleagues find out, what will my colleagues think?
Wang Bo thought for a while, and it seemed that there was indeed such a problem. Zheng Yan was just his secretary. Although people around her didn’t know the details of her income, they could roughly estimate it. They didn’t hear that Zheng Yan had found any rich second generation, and suddenly drove a luxury car to show off outside. It was indeed easy to arouse suspicion. Wang Bo no longer forced his pretty secretary, but just told her that the car he gave her would be recorded on his head first, and she could pick it up anytime she wanted, regardless of price or bra