s, they were of course eager to do so and fully agreed.

s, they were of course eager to do so and fully agreed.
The specific method is that “Zengsao Mifen” assigns their financial staff, Guan Ping, to come to the Time and Space Tribe every day to check the accounts, collect money, and deposit the previous day’s income into the Internet cafe’s special bank account on the same day. The finance department of “Zengsao Rice Noodles” provides a detailed list of financial income and expenses to several shareholders of “Time and Space Tribe” every month so that shareholders can understand the income status of the Internet cafe and accept inquiries from any shareholder at any time.
/Several partners who just want to make money but don’t want to do too much fully agree with Wang Bo’s “professional” proposal. Together, they offered to pay the “finance department” of “Zengsao Rice Noodles” a management fee of three hundred yuan every month. But Wang Bo did not agree, thinking it was too much. In the end, both parties took a step back, and the management fee was reduced from three hundred to two hundred and five hundred.
In this way, with a simple sentence, Wang Bo found an enviable affair for his “eldest maid” Guan Ping. Guan Ping’s total monthly income has increased from the original 550 to the current 800. In one fell swoop, she surpassed the store manager Tian Xin’s monthly salary of 650 and became the highest-paid person in “Zeng’s Rice Noodles”. Tian, ??the only one who knew about it, was shocked. In private, Xin often laughed at him for being partial and only caring about his “big maid”.
In the three and a half days since the “Time and Space Tribe” opened, Guan Ping came to check the accounts three times and collected money three times.
Guan Ping reports the Internet cafe’s income to Wang Bo every night. At nine o’clock every day these days, Luo Yonghao guessed that Wang Bo would call him once after his evening self-study and report back home to reflect on the operation of the Internet cafe that day. Although Wang Bo has not been to the Internet cafe in the past two days, he actually knows the situation of the Internet cafe well.
Therefore, when Luo Yonghao saw his cousin, expressionlessly pulling out the Internet cafe management software to check the data in front of him, even though he did not commit any fraud, it still made him sweat on his forehead and his body felt like he was falling. Ice cellar, couldn’t help but shudder.
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