asked. Compared to his hobby, the price is more affordable.

asked. Compared to his hobby, the price is more affordable.
The little Shar Pei had just retreated into its den, and Han Xuan didn’t see it.
After hearing the conversation between Jones and the boss, he walked into the puppy area, opened the door of the cage, reached in and touched the folds of the little old man’s body.
There was a lot of meat in the Shar-Pei, so you could grab a handful of it, and it felt fun to touch, so I kept rubbing it happily. The Shar-Pei looked at him, shook its tail and barked twice.
There was a brown-haired Alaskan Malamute next door. It was a bit bigger than the other dogs. It must be four or five months old. Its two forelimbs were stretched out on the edge of the cage, and it was barking in grievance.
Maybe it wasn’t bolted properly, but the iron door suddenly opened. The Alaskan Malamute was obviously stunned for a moment, stretched out a paw and shook it back and forth. It didn’t hit any obstacles, and immediately got out happily.
Noah thought it would run away, so he blocked the door and tried to catch it. Unexpectedly, the Alaskan Malamute hugged the boy’s calf and rubbed it.
Han Xuan looked down at it, and said in Chinese in surprise: “The same sled dog as Sicong?”
Han Xuan was in a dilemma.
He stared at the roof with a thoughtful look on his face. His cowboy hat was slightly tilted, blocking his field of vision. He pushed it up with his hand before continuing to think.
On the one hand, he has absolutely no resistance to cute pets, especially this Alaskan Malamute.
It’s actually very fat.
The word fat, when applied to most humans, may be a weakness that makes them feel inferior.
But when it comes to animals, they have an irresistible charm. For Han Xuan, chairman of the Appearance Party, this Alaskan Malamute obviously belongs in this category.
I want to take him home, but I’m afraid of a fire in my backyard. With Jigglypuff, a jealous little Bitch who grew up with a jealous heart, you can predict how chaotic the house will be if there are more guys competing for his favor.
Cats and dogs naturally like to fight when they are together. If this dog is smarter, it may be able to “leave a whole body” under Jigglypuff’s deterrence.
The Alaskan Malamute can be called the “Three Sled Idiots” together with the Husky and Samoyed, and it is obvious that the IQ is not too high.
/Look, there was a young girl eating a sandwich on the side of the road, and she chased after her looking for the taste.
This position was too unfirm.
Han Xuan thought to himself.
He knelt down to call it over, stretched out his hand to rub the sled dog’s head, and saw its face that was similar to that of a husky. Somehow, he shouted to his father: “Dad, I want to buy it.”
Father Han didn’t pay much attention to it. There were over 10,000 animals in the house. My son also keeps a lot of pets. Not to mention an Alaskan Malamute. Even if he keeps a thousand of them and puts them in a snow mountain pasture, 80,000 acres of space will be enough for them to live.
He said indifferen