ge in officialdom, he is just a playboy who relies on his family to earn a living and wait for death. If he offends you, he will offend you. What can I do?

ge in officialdom, he is just a playboy who relies on his family to earn a living and wait for death. If he offends you, he will offend you. What can I do?
You know, Wei Qiwen was a feudal official when he was in power, but once he retired, he was nothing. But as for the Lei family, they have been up and down for decades, but they still stand firm. How can Wei Qiwen compare?
Of course, what makes Lei Fang finally decide to help is profit!
Wen Liang only gave him a rough description of the prospects of cooperation, which greatly tempted Lei Fang, who had never set foot in the stock market. Compared with working hard in the capital, working in a lowly manner, helping people run for official posts, earning a little hard-earned money as a matchmaker, and being looked down upon by people in the circle and the elders of the family, Wen Liang’s way of making money is not only decent, but also as easy as robbing money. .
He couldn’t help but be tempted!
/For a person like Lei Fang, it might be too much to say that a woman with breasts is a mother, but as long as there are enough benefits to allow him to offend a frontier official, it can still be discussed. In particular, the things Wen Liang entrusted may be extremely difficult in the eyes of others, but in his hands, it was easy.
“What can make our little princess who loves to fight against injustice so angry? Tell me about it to my brother?”
Lei Fang also happily pretended to be stupid. His thoughts coincided with Wen Liang’s. There is no harm in coming forward on this matter himself. But it would inevitably make Wei Qiwen feel unhappy, but if it were Zhu Zixuan, there would be no such trouble. Although it is none of my business whether you are angry or not, but with Zilong, why bother using Liao Hua? Zixuan is an ignorant little girl. Even if she really slaps Wei Qiwen in the face, whether it is intentional or not, Wei Qiwen will not care about it, and will not even mention it again. This is the bottom line, once and for all. The best strategy.
Zhu Zixuan told Lei Fang about Du Niang, and said angrily: “Last time I went to Suhai, I went to Uncle Wei’s house and talked to Aunt Lin for a long time. I didn’t expect him to be such a person. People!”
/Wen Liang coughed dryly and said, “You can’t say that. The background of Zhao Yongzhang is just a guess, and it may not be Secretary Wei’s intention.”
“Do you think I am a child? Without Secretary Wei speaking, Zhao Yongzhang is full. Are you willing to go all the way to find trouble for Sister Du?” Zhu Zixuan glared at Wen Liang and said sarcastically: “And you, you even dared to burn Mo Xiaoan’s car, and you dared to point a gun at other people’s heads, like you You lawless guy, I don’t believe you are really afraid of Wei Qiwen. In the final analysis, you don’t think Sister Du has anything to do with you, so there is no need to offend others for her, right?”
Wen Liang said helplessly: “Thanks to Miss Zhu for being considerate. “I’m really not as powerful as you think.”
At this moment, the security office