/“I’m always cautious. If I’m not 100% sure, I won’t do it!” Wen Liang said with a smile: “There are 98 million circulating shares, and the average price per share is around 1.75 yuan. To have absolute control, we need to attract about 60% of the shares. In other words, we need to mobilize at least 150 million in funds. Brother Lei, 150 million is not a small amount to invest on anyone at any time, and there is no 100% certainty. Do I dare to drag you into trouble? Lei
Fang laughed loudly and said: “Okay, I like Brother Wen’s arrogance the most. I dare not say anything more. I’ll cover it with 50 million.” 50 million
means 30% of the profit. Lei Fang is really not afraid of the lion. He opened his mouth, but Wen Liang’s original intention to join Ning Hi-tech was not to make money. The more he got, the less he got, which was nothing compared to the long-term benefits in the future.
As for the other 100 million, let Ning Xi worry about it!
Wen Liang stretched out, felt the gentle and strong finger pressure of the girl at his feet, and slowly closed his eyes.
When they returned to the private room after the massage, Ning Xi and the others had already returned. Zhu Zixuan’s mood had also recovered a lot. Seeing Wen Liang and Lei Fang looking refreshed, she pouted disdainfully and said, “Sister Xi, you see, there is not a single man. Good thing, they like bathing and massage the most.”
Lei Fang pointed at Wen Liang and said, “It’s all arranged by him, it’s none of my business!”
Wen Liang was speechless, this is too uninteresting, forcible She held on and explained: “The male technician we are looking for has strong and rough hands that make it comfortable to press. Girls are too soft and boring.”
Ning Xi had a smile in her eyes but remained silent. Zhu Zixuan opened her eyes wide. With a look of disgust on his face, he said: “As for that, why don’t you find a girl instead of a boy? Oh, my god, is it disgusting? Two men were touching each other.” Wen Liang
almost wanted to cry without tears. Lei Fang patted his shoulder sympathetically and said, “Just get used to it, get used to it!”
Zhu Zixuan kept yawning while joking. Seeing this, Wen Liang asked Ning Xi to drive with them first. Return to the villa to rest. After seeing everyone off, Wen Liang had just returned to the room when Du Niang walked over to Yingying and knelt down, her head on the ground, crying bitterly: “Thank you so much, Mr. Wen, for your kindness. Du Niang’s death is not enough to repay her!”
Wen Liang helped her. He got up and said with relief: “I actually don’t have much confidence. I just do my best and listen to fate. Whether you succeed or not depends on whether you have such a good destiny in your life. If you want to thank me, thank Zhu Zixuan. Although she is unruly and willful , but you have a pretty good heart.”
“Just keep some words in your heart. There’s nothing you can do about it. Besides, what you said is the truth. At most, you concealed it a little bit, but it can’t be considered as lying to her.” Wen Liang