couldn’t see anything for a while. arrive. It took about ten seconds, maybe longer, before I heard someone’s voice:

couldn’t see anything for a while. arrive. It took about ten seconds, maybe longer, before I heard someone’s voice:
“Is it passed?
/Is it passed?” “No, no, haha, labor and management are still alive!”
“Dad, mom, What’s going on, we can’t save the treasury.”
/“Retreat, everyone, retreat!”
People looked at each other, their eyes and faces full of fear that could not be concealed. As long as one person wavered and ran back at this time, the whole line would immediately retreat. situation, by that time, not to mention that the Longtougou Reservoir cannot be saved, and tens of thousands of people in the nine villages downstream will also die.
At that time, we still talk about a bright future, and we talk about benefiting one party. At that time, if we are not drowned by the common people’s spitting stars, we will also be tortured by guilt for a lifetime!
Wen Huaiming bent down and picked up a cement bag filled with sand, and walked resolutely to the swell of the dam. It is the duty of soldiers to obey orders. Without saying a word, Zhao Jianchi led the entire company of 120 people to carry sandbags and followed Wen Huaiming. Yang Dingjun reacted very quickly. He took the loudspeaker from Li Qiang’s hand and shouted with all his strength: “Comrades and fellow villagers, this is Wen Huaiming, the leader from the municipal party committee. He is also on the dam now, personally leading everyone here.” Resist this flood. Folks, think about what is behind us. It is your parents, your wife, your children, your relatives. It is the place where we eat and the home where we live. If we take a step back today, it will be destroyed. “But generations”
the searchlight shined on Wen Huaiming and the swarming army behind him at the right time. Even if the night was dark and no one could see, even if the rain was so heavy that it was difficult to open their eyes, everyone could feel their unyielding momentum of risking life and death. . Li Qiang grabbed the horn from Yang Dingjun’s hand, climbed onto the roof of the truck next to him, and shouted: “The leaders of the city and county are not afraid, but we men in Shishan are afraid to death? Who doesn’t have balls in his crotch?” , whoever should go back to work and warm your mother-in-law’s feet!” The
people of Qingzhou are fierce, especially men can’t stand it, not to mention that the Chinese people have always been the most simple group, and they don’t suffer from poverty. Unevenness, as long as it seems fair, even if it is only superficially fair, it is enough for them to throw their lives and blood, not to mention that this time they are defending their own home!
No matter life or death, no matter what!
“Damn it, let Secretary Li see if there are any men in Shishan!”
“The big leaders in the city are carrying sandbags to block the breach. If anyone dares to run away, I will beat him to death!”
“Let’s go, let’s hurry up. Wen Huaiming was checking
the reservoir design drawings in the temporary headquarters tent of the dam. After all, his role was not to carry a