e in the simplicity.

e in the simplicity.
In addition to this pavilion, there is also a dilapidated temple on the top of the mountain. The red walls and green tiles are mottled as far as the eye can see. The double eaves and brackets are decayed as far as the eye can see. The small mountain gate makes a creaking sound with the wind. How can I not look at it? It’s like a place where gods stop.
Zuo Yuxi was obviously disappointed and said, “Is this right here?”
Wen Liang said with a smile, “Maybe Lu Chunyang is not that particular about playing in the world, so let’s break it down. We are here to see people, not to watch.”
Putting his hands on it . Pushing open the mountain gate, there is a small courtyard inside. There is a main hall directly opposite the mountain gate. The main hall is actually a relative term. Compared with Wudang Mountain, it may not even be considered a toilet. There are four or five houses next to it. Wen Liang raised his foot and stepped across the threshold. Even he didn’t notice it. He stepped with his left foot first and asked loudly: “Is Daochang Li here?”
A voice that sounded far away but seemed to be close to his ears came from the hall. There was an unspeakable clear spirit in the old voice, “Blessed with immeasurable life, please come into the hall, two good people. I have been waiting for a long time.”
Zuo Yuxi whispered: “It’s just a mystery, how does he know that we are back?”
Wen Liang waved his hand slightly to her, walked into the hall, and said in his mouth: “Thank you, Taoist Priest!”
The door in the main hall was ajar, and Wen Liang opened it as soon as he touched it. There was still the tattered statue of Lu Zu sitting high in the altar. The sloppy Taoist is sitting and lying on a futon. His black Taoist scarf is messy and knotted, and his wide-sleeved and wide robe is covered in grease. He has no regard for Taoist etiquette. He has fish-shaped eyes, a sharp mouth and monkey cheeks, and a long, sparse and yellow beard under his chin. There is no hint of immortality. Bone aura?
/Zuo Yuxi sighed in her heart, remembering what Wen Liang said when he came. Sure enough, after experiencing it personally, there is no such thing as magic in the world. However, Wen Liang had no time to sigh at this time. His eyes had already moved aside from the sloppy Taoist. The beautiful Fan Mingzhu, the short-haired and stout Dou Xiao, and the Luo Shangyang you always ignored were standing empty. The other side of the hall, looking this way.
People on both sides were stunned at the same time!
Luo Shangyang naturally recognized Zuo Yuxi, and Dou Xiao was attracted by her beauty. He thought that Fan Mingzhu was already a rare beauty in the world, but compared with the woman in front of him, she was more than inferior. Not only her appearance, but also her temperament and demeanor. There is a difference of more than ten thousand miles, one is rain hitting the banana, the vicissitudes of life have gone through, the whole body is already dirty, the other is a flower blooming in the extreme, blooming in t