Shitong, you can give up. Although I don’t understand the truth, but He is unkind, and I cannot be unjust, but”

Shitong, you can give up. Although I don’t understand the truth, but He is unkind, and I cannot be unjust, but”
she turned around and smiled sweetly: “I am still very grateful for your attention. If one day, if there is still a lack of a handyman around you, if I am not tired of looking at this Even if they think it’s a dirty place, maybe they’ll consider it.”
This is actually tantamount to rejection!
Qi Shu did not say when “that day” was, but Wen Liang knew the elegant meaning after hearing the song, and she would not do anything for herself if Gu Shi did not fall on the same day, but this only strengthened Wen Liang’s determination to persuade her. If she really wanted to surrender as soon as she heard she could get out of trouble, it would be strange if Wen Liang dared to take her in.
Qi Shu trembled slightly, stopped talking, opened the door and left.
Wen Liang’s original intention of coming to see Qi Shu this time was of course to deal with Gu Shitong. Qi Shu has followed Gu Shitong for many years and knows everything about him. If they are separated because of this incident, then the enemy of the enemy is a friend. Naturally, everyone can turn their hostility into friendship and work together to bring down the Minghua Group.
/But after a conversation, Wen Liang realized that he had completely misjudged Qi Shu. She was not only courageous and knowledgeable, but also affectionate and righteous. Gu Shitong treated her like this, but she only stayed away from her heart.
/After another half an hour, Liu Tianlai arranged everything and came in to report to Wen Liang: “Qi Shu will be detained in the detention center first. Let her meet Chen Taiping tonight. I will arrange for someone to keep an eye on her. In addition, according to the city’s wishes, in order to avoid To expand the influence, and to appease Gu Shitong, Qi Shu’s case will not be heard in public. The procedure will be completed within three days, and the court will pronounce the sentence. It is better to have a sentence of less than three years. However, if Mr. Wen is dissatisfied, we can operate it, and the minimum can be The sentence will be increased to seven years.”
Wen Liang waved his hands and said angrily: “We didn’t catch Gu Shitong again. What’s the use of venting our anger on a woman? Let’s just sentence him to one year.”
Liu Tianlai secretly breathed a sigh of relief and asked Wen Liang. If he really pursues the case, he will inevitably be caught between Xu Fuyan and Wen Liang. This is the best thing. Of course, he would not think that Wen Liang had any strange thoughts about Qi Shu, but based on his understanding of this young master, he was not such an easy talker. His head started to spin quickly, he came closer, smiled, and said: “Did Mr. Wen deliberately show weakness to the enemy and want to use a one-year sentence to paralyze Gu Shitong, but he was secretly planning to give him another blow?”
Liu Tianlai made a stabbing gesture, and Wen Liang was dumbfounded and said, “Why are there so many? Nonsense, but what you