nd David has seen its defense before. It is very difficult to break through the defense of extraordinary armor, unless you use weapons of the same or higher grade than third-grade.

Thinking of this, David immediately thought that there was a third-level Zerg here.
“David?” Lake Chaofan saw something was amiss with David and asked again.
“The direction of Archie’s extraordinary departure is at our feet!” David said while carefully controlling Shadow Warrior to search deeper, pointing to the ground.
Lake Chaofan stamped his foot on the ground, feeling the thickness of the ground.
David felt strange energy fluctuations on the ground. This energy fluctuation was extremely weak. If David’s spirit was not extremely strong, and this place was in a cave, without the influence of other energies, it would be difficult for him to detect this energy fluctuation. .
Along with the energy fluctuations, he sensed danger on the ground. Almost instinctively, the short wings behind him sprayed out energy, lifting his body off the ground.
“There is danger on the ground!” He did not forget to remind the two extraordinary people the moment he left the ground.
Lake Chaofan and Jonah Chaofan have been vigilant since entering the cave, especially since they did not encounter other Zerg after entering the cave, which made them even more careful.
/If there are first- and second-level Zerg in the cave, then there may be a third-level Zerg of the same race. But if you can’t see any Zerg, then the most likely possibility is that there is a powerful lone Zerg here.
It is precisely because of the existence of this powerful Zerg that the other Zerg will either stay away from here or be devoured by this powerful Zerg.
So after hearing David’s reminder, they all left the ground at the same time.
Even though they didn’t quite believe that David had discovered the danger earlier than them, they still made the most correct decision.
The moment the three of them left the ground, a crack appeared on the ground. This crack happened to be where the three of them were standing.
At the same time, a strong suction force came from this crack. This suction force was so strong that if they were unprepared just now in the crack, now they would be sucked in before they could even fly, and their feet would be suspended in the air, and they would fall in. There is a gap.
/Lake Chaofan and Jonah Chaofan blocked David behind them and watched the crack on the ground below slowly disappear.
“David, don’t touch the ground, this is an ‘earth-burrowing beetle’!” Lake said in a deep voice.
The name of ‘Drilling Beetle’ is very common, but those who really know it will not think it is ordinary, because it is a special kind of insect.
The ‘Earth-Drilling Beetle’ hardly leaves the ground, and its attack method is also carried out by controlling the soil. Just like before, it uses a special talent to separate the ground and suck the target into the ground.
Once the target is sucked into the ground, mud from all directions will surround the target.
The ‘Earth-Dri