out of his eyes almost burned Wen Liang to ashes, but it finally did not fall down.

out of his eyes almost burned Wen Liang to ashes, but it finally did not fall down.
Tutu blinked and said, “Sister, are you tired with your hands raised so high?”
“You are dead!” The girl was a little embarrassed by what Tutu said, and her raised jade hands became flat and pointed. Touching Wen Liang’s nose, he said: “If you are still a man, send this little girl aside quickly. Let’s settle our grudges and don’t hurt the innocent!”
Wen Liang was greatly surprised. He didn’t expect this barbaric, reckless and domineering man. The girl with a weak brain could still hold back her anger despite the presence of the child. This made Wen Liang look at him with new eyes, and his tit-for-tat mentality became much weaker. In the final analysis, there was no need for him to vent his anger on these two women. Tang Ye’s words were still vivid in his ears. Besides, Tutu was at the scene, and it was really not good to have a conflict. It was not good to take a step back. Just take a step back.
But thinking about it, it makes sense to meet two girls here. Century Park is originally a leading industry that Minghua Group has focused on building in the past five years. It is a comprehensive amusement park integrating culture, entertainment, leisure, tourism, and shopping. It is also a large-scale strategic investment by Gu Shitong in Minghua Group. In fact, in another time and space, Century Paradise also achieved unprecedented success. However, due to the dispute between Wen Liang and Gu Wenyuan, Gu Shitong could only give up Century Paradise to Zhuang Shaoxuan at almost cabbage price.
/Currently, this century paradise is managed by Yuan Changjiang, one of the twelve beasts under Lord Buddha, nicknamed “Thong-branched Monkey”. Zhuo Mingjing is Lord Buddha’s daughter, and Chen Yurui is Zhuang Shaoxuan’s woman. It is absolutely normal for her to appear here.
“Okay, no matter what grudges we have, it’s not good to hurt the child after all. How about this, you wait here, I will send her to the car, and then come back and we will fight. Huh, are you afraid that you don’t dare?
” I don’t dare, what can I not dare?”
Zhuo Mingjing raised his eyebrows, pointed at the door, and said: “Go, hurry up, my aunt is waiting for you here!”
Wen Liang bent down and picked up Tutu, walked to the car parked at the gate, first put Tutu on the safety seat and fastened it, and then quickly got into the driver’s seat He sat down, opened the car window, smiled and waved to Zhuo Mingjing, then stepped on the accelerator and drove away with a roar.
Zhuo Mingjing was stunned when he saw it. After a while, he took Chen Yurui’s hand and stammered: “He, he, that guy just ran away like this?”
“How can there be any real men in a place like Qingzhou? They are all like dogs!” Chen Yurui said lightly: “Only a silly girl like you can believe that kind of person. If you had just beaten Yuan Changjiang directly, I’m afraid he would have been arrested by now and let you hang him.”
Zhuo Mingjing said frustrated: “What should I do? You didn’t remind me jus