up, combed her long messy hair along her ears with her hands, turned her head and said Wen Liang looked at each other and smiled.

up, combed her long messy hair along her ears with her hands, turned her head and said Wen Liang looked at each other and smiled.
Wen Liang said softly: “Are you feeling better?”
Although on the surface, there was nothing unusual about Ning Xi, but as someone who had experienced it, Wen Liang couldn’t understand the impact that Lei Fang was shot on her, otherwise she wouldn’t He was so bold that he flirted with himself in the office regardless of the situation. In fact, from the moment he opened the door, Wen Liang could clearly feel Ning Xi’s troubled mood, depressed emotions, and restlessness with nowhere to vent. Of course, it is reasonable for her to have such a reaction. Except for the cold-blooded robots, no one is born to adapt to a life full of overt and covert attacks and sinister murderous intentions. But once she has crossed this threshold, experienced killing and being killed, from then on, the sky is high, the sea is wide, birds are flying, and fish are jumping, and nothing can restrain her steps anymore.
Ning Xi nodded slightly, stared into Wen Liang’s eyes, and said softly: “You are here, I feel a lot more at ease! It’s just that Lei Fang may not be able to pass easily this time.” The
/place where Lei Fang’s accident happened was not Shahe, but Dongming city center. As for what to do in Dongming, the answer is self-evident. A young man who is accustomed to the colorful world in the capital is willing to come to Shahe County, a quiet mining area. He is already a very enterprising and motivated model specimen among his peers. , we can no longer force him to live an ascetic life like the villagers.
Therefore, going to some entertainment venues in Dongming City from time to time to have a good time became Lei Fang’s only way to relieve his free time after work. Ning Xi turned a blind eye to this and did not stick to trivial matters, as long as It does not affect the normal operation of Hengsha. She is too lazy to ask or interfere with the man’s bad nature. But in the eyes of some people who are unwilling to lose the mining area, these deeds appear to be an opportunity to take advantage of.
Last night was another day of fun and fun. Lei Fang and Gao Zhan had just left a club at two or three in the morning. Before they could reach the parking lot, a man wearing a hood suddenly jumped out of the darkness and faced him. Lei Fang is about to be shot in the head. At the critical moment, Gao Zhan pushed Lei Fang away, and then rushed forward, preparing to grab the pistol. The other party pulled the trigger, hitting Gao Zhan’s hand. At such a close distance, the three fingers of Gao Zhan’s right hand were beaten to pieces on the spot, and blood splattered all over the two of them. But Gao Zhan acted like he was going crazy. He didn’t care about the injuries on his hands and put on a desperate posture, completely frightening the shooter. In the end, he was beaten to the point of dying and surrendered obediently.
“Has the shooter been interrogated? What’s the motive?”
“A small boss of a mining factory