teaching and life, so there is no risk of any trouble.

teaching and life, so there is no risk of any trouble.
/But outside the school and inside the school are different after all. In line with the principle that doing more is worse than doing less, the teacher on duty that day, Song Wan’s aunt, rejected Ren Yi’s proposal. But Ren Yi privately convinced Song Wan on the grounds that outings could help deaf-mute children cultivate their sentiments and relax their mind. Song Wan took her aunt’s hand and shook it. Teacher Song had no choice but to agree, but she made a three-part agreement with the two of them: 1. No one is allowed to be left behind; second, no one is allowed to go to dangerous places; third, you must be back before five o’clock in the afternoon!
Ren Yi slapped his chest loudly and said, “Don’t worry, even if I don’t care about my life, I will never let anything happen to the children!”
Song Wan frowned and said, “What nonsense are you talking about?” Ren Yi decisively took these words as concern for himself,
he couldn’t open his eyes happily and said: “Yes, yes, I’m talking nonsense, let’s all go happily and come back happily!” The trip was as promised by Ren Yi, without any problems. Everyone climbed the mountain to have a picnic and play games, smelling the wild flowers blooming, and seeing green mountains and green water. Even the most autistic child showed an innocent smile. In the past two months since Ren Yi came to school, although he has learned sign language very badly and often makes random gestures and guesses, he is humorous, yet attentive and kind, and quickly became acquainted with these children with physical disabilities. They got along well and were even more popular than Song Wan.
At around four o’clock in the afternoon, when they were about to return to the city, it suddenly started to rain. Ren Yi and Song Wan hurriedly called the children to the nearest house to take shelter from the rain. Some of the younger children couldn’t run fast, so Ren Yi picked them up and ran them to the roof, and then came back to pick up the others. Song Wan followed suit and picked up a fat little boy, but as soon as she took two steps, she accidentally stepped on a mud puddle. Her ankles felt a sharp pain and she knelt down on the ground.
Ren Yigang put a little girl under the eaves, and the little girl suddenly jumped up, pointed at the back and screamed. Ren Yi looked back, rushed into the rain without thinking, ran to Song Wan’s side, and asked anxiously: “How is it? Where is it hurt? Does it hurt?”
Song Wan tried to get up, but she let out an oops. He sat back again, his brows filled with pain. Ren Yi didn’t care anymore, turned around and squatted down, saying: “I’ll carry you!”
/“Don’t worry about me, send the children over first!”
“What about you?”
“I’m fine, go quickly!”
Ren Yi knew that with Song Wan’s character, it was impossible for her to care about herself first, so he touched the rainwater on her face, took off his shirt and put it on her head, saying: “You cover up first, I’ll be back soon, wait. Me!”
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