Kenny Chaofan said with a smile without any surprise.

“Last night, Xiaobai discovered the ‘Stone Skin Worm’ king. I didn’t want to expose Xiaobai’s ability, so I didn’t tell him on the spot!” David told what happened that night.
/“Can Xiaobai be sure? Isn’t it afraid of the ‘Stone Skin Worm’ King?” Kenny Chaofan’s expression changed and he asked repeatedly.
“Actually, I haven’t told you that Xiaobai and I met the ‘Stoneskin Worm’ king once, so Xiaobai has a very deep impression of the ‘Stoneskin Worm’ king. It is impossible for Xiaobai to mistake the ‘Stoneskin Worm’ ‘The King’s!’ David hesitated and said.
“Archie Chaofan’s injury was probably not an accident, right? Even Esmond Chaofan’s serious injury before he was killed by you was also not an accident, right?” Kenny Chaofan asked with a somewhat clear expression.
In fact, he also had a guess. Two extraordinary people and six student soldiers ambush David, and were attacked by a swarm of ‘Stone Skin Worms’. Afterwards, two extraordinary people escaped, and the remaining student soldiers were all destroyed.
When Kenny Chaofan learned that the target of the ambush was David, he had some suspicions in his mind.
But after learning about the power of the ‘Stone Skin Worm’ king, he was not sure that it was David who did it, because with the power of the ‘Stone Skin Worm’ king, it would be too risky for David to lead the ‘Stone Skin Worm’ group.
Now after listening to David’s words, he was 100% sure that it was David who led the ‘Stoneskin Worms’ swarm.
“Now the ‘Stoneskin Worm’ king has discovered us a long time ago, but has never attacked!” David did not answer Kenny’s extraordinary words, but changed the subject and said worriedly.
“I will tell Dunbar and Beecher about this matter. The three of us will pay special attention to it. If we find anything, we will immediately remind everyone. It should not be a big deal!” Kenny said in a deep voice.
He had great confidence in this hunting team composed of fourteen extraordinary people. It was just right for the ‘Stoneskin Worm’ king to be watching from the side, and he would kill the ‘Stoneskin Worm’ king when he appeared.
Lunch made all the extraordinary people feel satisfied, and the search work in the afternoon went more smoothly.
“We will rest after searching the valley ahead today and continue tomorrow morning!” Froude announced loudly while looking at the valley ahead.
The valley in front is not too big, and the search can be completed in more than ten minutes at most. The faces of the extraordinary people showed a sense of relaxation.
Just as David followed the extraordinary people towards the valley, Xiaobai in his arms trembled again, and this time the trembling was even more severe.
Without any hesitation, David gently pulled Kenny Chaofan.
/Kenny Chaofan stopped and looked at David, who pointed to his arms.
Kenny Chaofan immediately understood what David meant. He pointed to the valley with a questioning look in his eyes. David nodded.
“Everyone, please stop!” Kenny said in a deep voice.
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