eyes, he smiled.

eyes, he smiled.
Ren Yi shuddered and said, “Yes!”
Wen Liang rarely participated in such shameless discussions, and his chopsticks quickly went in and out of their bowls. After Liu Zhihe forced Ren Yi to admit defeat with his fists, he was about to eat happily when he suddenly found that there was only white rice and a green vegetable in the bowl smiling at him.
/“What a fool! Brother, why don’t you just leave a piece of green vegetables to feed the cat?”
Ren Yi said with a sad face: “I don’t even have any hair on the green vegetables.”
Wen Liang groaned with satisfaction, touched his belly and said, “One person can eat three people.” The rice is so filling!”
Liu Zhihe inserted his chopsticks into the bowl, stuffed a mouthful of white rice, and said, “Uncle, if I couldn’t beat you, I would have fallen out with you long ago.” ”
That’s right, Brother Liu, Why don’t you call your people together later and throw this guy into the toilet and beat him up?”
When the three of them were complaining, Beimi came over, stood one meter away, and asked timidly: “Wen Liang, let’s talk What’s wrong with Yu? Can you tell me?”
Liu Zhihe and Ren Yi frowned at the same time. Wen Liang smiled and said, “Why, didn’t your class teacher announce it to the class?”
“The class teacher said he had something to ask for leave and didn’t say anything. What’s wrong?”
“He’s fine. There’s some minor things at home that need to be dealt with. He’ll be able to go to school in a few days.”
Beimi nodded and seemed to want to sit down, but was afraid of Liu Zhihe, so she had to say, “If there’s anything I can do, I can help. Yes, you can come to me, you can do anything.”
Wen Liang agreed with a smile. When Beimi left, Liu Zhihe had a strange expression. He endured it and asked, “You two have a problem!”
Ren Yi grabbed his He scratched his head and said doubtfully: “That’s right, why do I feel that Beimi is acting weird today, not like his usual style.”
/Wen Liang laughed loudly: “It’s nothing, it’s just a little girl who wants to play a little game. I Just when I couldn’t take care of her, she came to my door. It’s good!”
Ren Yi felt dizzy after hearing this, but Liu Zhihe’s eyes lit up and he understood what Wen Liang meant. He clapped his hands and smiled: “Not bad, not bad, this The game is very interesting!”
The night in Qingzhou was as deserted and dark as ever. Just after midnight, the whole city fell into silence. Three vans appeared from the end of the deep road and stopped quietly in front of a game arcade. The car door opened, and about thirty people filed out, all dressed in black and shaved. The one-meter-long steel pipe in their hands gave off a bone-chilling cold light.
Just as the big man fell down, seven or eight people rushed out from inside. As soon as they appeared, they were all thrown to the ground, and no one could get up.
The leading man in black retracted the steel pipe, stood next to the big man, glanced around with his cold, snake-like eyes, and whispered: “Smash it!”
The colored lights on th