Ding Mei was discussing with Ding Lan about the decoration of the store. Wen Liang poured himself a glass of water and sat aside to listen. Unexpectedly, Ding Mei had never done business, but he thought about some issues quite well. Thoughtfully, I added a few words, but forgot that my mother’s majesty should not be offended. I rolled my eyes and immediately went to watch TV.
/It was almost eleven o’clock when Wen Huaiming came back. Sister Ding Mei was still discussing business plans with great interest. Wen Liang was lying on the sofa and had already fallen asleep.
Ding Lan hurriedly stood up and called her brother-in-law. Wen Huaiming didn’t want to interfere with their affairs. He nodded without saying anything, woke up Wen Liang and went to the study.
/Wen Liang made a cup of strong tea to refresh himself. Wen Huaiming sat behind the desk and gently rubbed his temples with his thumbs. The father and son remained silent. After a few minutes, Wen Huaiming was the first to speak: “What have you been doing recently?
” It’s nothing, just go to class, go shopping, and occasionally make a few new friends.”
“Really?” Wen Huaiming leaned back on his chair and said, “Hou Xinghua is also your new friend?”
Hou Xinghua came to Liu Tian. Wen Liang’s friend was also the owner of the aquatic products company that took over the Linzhuang Reservoir and set up Minghua. Wen Liang secretly laughed in his heart, knowing that things were developing according to his own plan. He had no intention of denying it and said: “Yes, Dad, what do you have?” Just tell me.”
Wen Huaiming pondered for a long time and said, “Let the reservoir come out.”
A mocking smile appeared on Wen Liang’s lips and said, “Xu Fuyan nodded?”
Wen Liang had already expected that Gu Shitong would eventually find him. On Xu Fuyan’s behalf, Minghua invested so much manpower and material resources in this project, how could it be abandoned halfway just because the reservoir changed hands?
“This is not just a business matter,” Wen Huaiming organized his sentences to see how to make Wen Liang’s backlash less strong, and said: “The demolition and resettlement work in the old city has been started at the same time. Minghua will demolish it in the next three to five years. Several hundred million come in and make some demands, or make some demands that are not too excessive. Not to mention Secretary Xu, not even anyone in the city can say anything against it. I know what you mean, but dealing with Gu Shitong does not happen overnight. It’s not a matter of hundreds of millions per project. Be careful and be patient!”
“What if I don’t let it go?”
Wen Huaiming said helplessly: “This is Xu Fuyan’s Qingzhou, not yours or mine. Wanting the Water Conservancy Bureau to tear up the agreement or make the agreement invalid is just a matter of Xu Fuyan’s words. Without his nod, it is just a piece of waste paper, meaningless and not enough to rely on!” ”
Ha, it really is official. Open your mouth, Xu Fuyan is so arbitrary and treats the law as child’s play, i