d that protrusion, a clear tear left the corner of Si Yajing’s eyes.

d that protrusion, a clear tear left the corner of Si Yajing’s eyes.
“Wen Liang, love me!”
Wen Liang raised his head and lovingly wiped away Si Yajing’s tears. He touched his waist with his right hand, put it into his jeans and pressed it against the young woman’s delicate area. He felt the moisture between the grooves and raised his index finger. It moved slightly. Si Yajing bit her lower lip to prevent herself from screaming, but her legs were tightly crossed, trapping Wen Liang’s fingers within the restricted area.
After an unknown amount of time, Si Yajing was immersed in the layers of pleasure, and her suppressed moans became louder. Wen Liang took out his finger, crossed the tip of her nose playfully, and tapped it between her red lips. Si Yajing stretched out her delicate tongue without any instruction and licked the water mark on the tip of her finger.
/Wen Liang was aroused by her charming look and quickly took off their clothes. Si Yajing struggled briefly and then parted her legs obediently.
Qingchuan is full of Hanyang trees, and grass is spread all over Parrot Island!
The grass remains the same, the oasis is full of waves, just waiting for the big tree to reach the sky. From now on, you and I are connected physically and mentally!
Wen Liang leaned over, and Si Yajing greeted him politely. The squeaking sounds echoed back and forth, ringing throughout the whole spring night.
Pisces are close to their eyes, and mandarin ducks are crossing their necks. There is a beautiful person, just like Qingyang.
This is a crazy night!
Si Yajing only felt like she was having a joyful erotic dream. The experience she had never experienced before sent her into the ethereal clouds again and again. The only reason she had left made her bite her lower lip and confine her suppressed moans to her two ears. One could hear the blood flowing from the corner of her lips staining her tender skin. Combined with her beautiful and dignified face, it was extremely easy to arouse the violent pleasure hidden in the man’s heart.
The boy’s strong and youthful body is like the most lust-stimulating potion in the world, making the already soft and delicate body even more unbearable. Every thrust brings tremors like an electric shock, and the boy is as limp as mud. under the body. The skin on her cheeks, neck, wrists and chest, as the body swayed back and forth, glowed with an ambiguous pink color under the illumination of the bedside wall lamp. Time passed quietly amidst this intoxicating feeling. Si Yajing’s body suddenly stiffened, her hips lifted up involuntarily, her legs tightly clamped around Wen Liang’s waist, her hands passed under his sides and hugged his back, pointing. The long fingertips pierced the skin, leaving light red marks.
Si Yajing finally let out a long moan, her swan-like graceful neck raised back, her long eyelashes covering her eyelids, her red lips slightly opened a small gap, and her smooth tongue licked unconsciously Touching her lips, the charm that blooms instantly can charm almost a