have to face an extraordinary person, even though it was an injured extraordinary person.

According to David’s original plan, he was going to snipe the injured Chao Mo, but he didn’t expect such a spacecraft to be parked here.
It can be seen that this spacecraft should be specially designed for Zerg-infested planets like the Guardian Planet. David even discovered through Shadow Attendant that this spacecraft can emit an instrument that simulates the breath of Level 3 Zerg.
Although this method of simulating the breath of the third-level Zerg can prevent the Zerg below the third level from approaching, if a third-level Zerg appears, the third-level Zerg will directly find this place.
/But based on the density of the third-level Zerg in the guardian star, using the method of simulating the breath of the third-level Zerg is much safer than not using it.
In addition, specifically choosing an area that is relatively flat, has little energy, and is rarely visited by even Zerg will reduce the chances of encountering Level 3 Zerg.
When David came under the spacecraft, he could feel the two huge krypton crystal engines trembling slightly, generating powerful energy.
Shadow Warrior passes through the transparent wall. If this wall is passed normally, it needs to be identified, but Shadow Warrior does not need it.
David was controlling Shadow Warrior, and Shadow Warrior flew to the genetic repair cabin.
Esmond Chaofan, who was soaked in the genetic repair cabin, still had gray-white legs. He had not gotten any better due to the genetic repair fluid, but Esmond Chaofan’s injuries were recovering.
David is very familiar with the gene repair cabin. During his training some time ago, he needed to use the gene repair cabin every day, and he even conducted in-depth research on the internal procedures of the gene repair cabin.
Shadow Warrior’s fingers tapped lightly on the operating screen of the gene repair cabin. There was a paralysis drug inside the gene repair cabin, which was used in first aid and could make the healer quiet for a short time during wartime.
Excessive struggle will prevent the gene repair fluid from properly repairing the damaged body, so the gene repair cabin will prepare this paralysis drug.
This kind of paralysis drug does not have a very strong effect. It can only affect the therapist’s perception of the outside world and reduce the reaction to pain. It will not make the therapist completely lose consciousness.
There was an additional potion in the gene repair cabin. This potion was scattered in the gene repair fluid and was slowly absorbed by Esmond’s extraordinary body.
Esmond Chaofan, who was originally a little nervous, slowly relaxed, which made him feel that his body’s repair process went more smoothly.
Although it is strange why the gene repair cabin automatically adds drugs, as long as the situation is good and it can promote repair, Esmond Chaofan will not worry too much.
He also didn’t believe that anyone would enter the spacecraft silently. You must know that the shield outside the