to peaceful areas through various methods in exchange for remaining survival resources.

The rich planet Lunka is the main export destination for the enhanced meat exported by the Rock Star, and the Lunka Planet is not the only place to purchase goods from the Pan Rock Star. Even the enhanced meat from the Battle Star also flows into the Lunka Star in large quantities.
Compared to the small number of Zerg on Rock Star, the one that really produces the most enhanced meat is Battle Star.
It’s just that the Rock Star has never been able to obtain the enhanced meat transferred from the Battle Star. This is also the main reason why the Pan Rock Star soldiers are generally weak in strength.
Now that David is on Lenka and has resources, he doesn’t care about the pain at all.
He knew very well that if he didn’t improve, a stronger enemy might find him one day.
Just like the previous Thunder Mercenary Group, they were lucky that time and could successfully sneak into the main ship to achieve such results.
But good luck cannot last forever, everything still depends on strength.
/If he were a transcendent, then this threat would be completely unafraid.
In the underground training room, the only sounds heard were heavy breathing and the sound of sweat and blood dripping onto the ground.
When it was close to eight o’clock, David almost climbed into the gene repair cabin. It was because of the gene repair cabin that he dared to practice like this.
At nine o’clock, David had breakfast and came to the platform of the villa wearing a formal suit.
At this moment, James’ hover car landed on the platform.
James was not curious about the environment where David lived. For an extraordinary disciple, such conditions could only be regarded as ordinary.
“David, come on, we’re leaving!” He opened the car door and greeted loudly.
“Don’t worry, the appointment is at ten o’clock, you’ll have time!” David put a large box in his hand in the trunk of the hover car, and then got on the hover car and said with a smile.
“Oh my god, that’s Master McIntosh. If he’s a second late, he might be driven away by him!” But James was very nervous, as if it was his own business.
It was precisely the more he knew, the more he understood the importance of Master Mackintosh.
After seeing David sit firmly, James immediately drove the hover car and accelerated to the destination at the fastest speed stipulated by law.
Different from James’ urgency, David was enjoying the beautiful scenery of Chia City outside while feeling the changes in his body.
Beside him, Shadow Attendant leaned closely against his body, allowing him to observe his attribute panel.
After two hours of torture in the morning and treatment with genetic repair fluid, his body recovered.
On the attribute panel, his strength increased by about a hundred kilograms, from 3.80 to 4.00. This is indeed a skyrocketing rate for the improvement rate of one or two kilograms of strength every day.
You must know that David can increase his strength by one or two kilograms every day. This is a