eplenish his body’s loss.

When he arrived at the restaurant on the first floor, he saw Myron dragging his legs and shaking as he moved.
“Myron, what’s wrong with you?” David looked at Myron funny and asked.
“David, why don’t you come and give me a hand? I’ve done the eighteen movements ten times, exactly ten times!” Myron said sadly as if he was seeing a savior when he saw David.
David stepped forward to hold Myron up. He understood Myron’s situation very well.
The eighteen movements of Taijutsu consume a lot of physical energy, let alone doing it ten times a day.
“Emma, ??prepare more fortified meat for Myron and I.” David loudly ordered Emma, ??the smart housekeeper.
“Yes, Master!” Emma, ??the smart housekeeper, responded while getting busy.
When David helped Myron sit down, two large plates of fortified meat were already placed on the dining table.
“Hey, Myron, you really sent someone to deliver first-level enhanced meat!” David said in surprise as he looked at the completely different enhanced meat on the plate.
“Of course, it’s easy for my father to get first-level enhanced meat anyway. Just mention it and someone will send it to you!” Myron said nonchalantly.
There are many organizations in Perrin City that go out to hunt Zerg. Although the first-level enhanced meat is almost always sent to distant big cities to make more profits, Bernard, as the mayor of Perrin City, wants some, so of course he has no problem. Down.
While sighing about the benefits of power, David put a piece of first-level enhanced meat into his mouth. The feeling of energy jumping in his mouth made his hungry body sing for joy.
/“Where’s Uncle Galen?” After his hunger subsided, David realized that Galen was nowhere to be seen and couldn’t help but ask.
“Uncle Galen said that he was going to investigate the Sirius Mercenary Group. He said that the Sirius Mercenary Group is so courageous. I heard from my father that the battleship of the Sirius Mercenary Group has been captured, except for the few mercenaries who attacked you. Outside the army, the Sirius mercenary group has been wiped out in one sweep!” Myron was well-informed and said with a smile.
His words were full of disdain for the Sirius mercenary group. Even if they were all soldiers, they still had to figure out who they could mess with and who they couldn’t mess with.
Even Myron himself must be careful in his daily behavior and not dare to cause trouble to his family.
David didn’t feel much about the Sirius mercenary group. Although the other party attacked him, they also gave him huge wealth and 98% proficient electronic countermeasures capabilities.
Of course, as his enemy, death is better than life.
The next morning, without asking the smart butler Emma to wake him up, both David and Myron appeared in the restaurant on time at six o’clock.
As two people who wanted to become soldiers, they were very excited to receive Galen’s guidance, and of course they would do it according to Galen’s requirements.
When Galen came to the restaurant, he saw the two people dini