ized something was wrong because he saw a red carpet at the door.

A man in a security uniform came over, looked at David and the four other people in the car, and then checked the red carpet invitation list on the identity bracelet.
“Sir, please park the hover car over here!” The security guard immediately ordered after seeing that several people were not invitees to the red carpet.
Although the security guard couldn’t tell that this hover car was owned by Galen Chaofan, he could see how expensive the hover car was. In addition, the police over there were able to let it go, which also explained the identity of the person in the car. .
Therefore, the security guard has a very good attitude and always has a smile on his face, for fear of offending the powerful.
David also knew not to get off the car here, otherwise people around him might think they were going to walk on the red carpet.
The hover car stopped aside, and David and a few people got off the hover car.
“Gentlemen, what is your seat number? I’m here to guide you!” The security guard followed him and asked respectfully when he saw a few people getting off the hovercar.
The ticket is in Myron’s ID bracelet and he displays it.
“Please invite some distinguished guests to come with me!” The security guard knew it was the right thing to do today when he saw that it was box No. 5, and made a gesture.
Myron also wanted to stay here to watch the red carpet, but he also knew that it would be disrespectful for the guests in the box to stay here to watch the red carpet, so he didn’t bring it up.
Security led several people into the concert venue through the VIP-only channel. The concert venue was arranged in a huge circle with as many as 20,000 seats.
The boxes are around the central stage, and twenty boxes form a circle, located above the general audience.
/The location of Box 5 is very good. It is slightly to the right of the front of the stage and is one of the best viewing positions.
The security sent David and others to the door of the box and left. Myron opened the door of the box with the ticket.
“Gentlemen, my name is Fanny. I am in charge of the service in box No. 5. If you need anything, please call me!” As soon as he entered the box, a beautiful waitress introduced herself.
Various fruits and snacks are prepared in the box, there is a wine cabinet next to it, and the seats are soft sofas. For watching a concert, this is a very luxurious experience.
On one wall of the box, the situation on the red carpet outside was displayed.
“Fortunately, I didn’t stay outside to watch the red carpet!” Myron said with a smile.
We are all friends here, and we speak without any scruples.
“I wanted to stay just now, but I was too embarrassed to say it!” DeQuincey also continued.
While they were joking, the red carpet outside was already busy, and celebrities appeared one after another and passed by on the red carpet.
Myron almost calls out someone’s name and exclaims every time he sees someone walking down the aisle.
Although David was smiling, he actually