y can’t you call him? “What’s so great about the Procuratorate? Could it be that he can chase you to South Africa and

y can’t you call him? “What’s so great about the Procuratorate? Could it be that he can chase you to South Africa and
cause trouble for you?” “The Procuratorate can’t chase you, but the police can. Public prosecutors wear a pair of pants, and officers protect each other. That’s them.”
“Overseas 110, police liaison Officer?”
“Well, that’s what I’m worried about.”
“What should I do?”
/“I want to go to Cape Town. I heard that there are many Taiwanese people in Cape Town’s Chinatown and the police liaison officers don’t go there very often. It should be better there than here. Safe. And you’re right, I can’t just sit back and have nothing. When I came out, your brother-in-law gave me some money. I want to use the money your brother-in-law gave me to open a shop and do some small business.” ”
It’s good to open a shop. I’ve always wanted to open one. I am the owner of a store myself, but I have no capital. It’s not that I have nothing. I earn some money and send it to my family. First my son has to go to school, and after graduation he has to buy a house. Later he has to marry a wife. Even if he makes a lot of money, he can’t save it at all. ”
It doesn’t matter if you don’t have capital. You can be the boss even if you don’t have capital. I’ll pay for the capital. Whatever you make, 50-50 cents, and any loss is all mine. Don’t go back for now. Let’s go to Cape Town and work together. We’ll make money after we open the store.” How about going back in peace?”
Just when Yu Qingfang mobilized Wei Zhen not to return to China and went with her to open a shop in Cape Town to do business, Chen Wei, who had been in prison for 22 days, finally remembered that day he led a group of detectives into the Who are the Chinese who entered the Alexandria region?
Thinking about how after being thrown into this hellish place by Ernst, his friends at the Cleveland Police Department were never able to bail him out, and his bail application was rejected by the judge. He finally realized the problem. The seriousness of the matter is definitely due to the pressure from the embassy. If Han goes to the Immigration Bureau and makes a fuss about his right of residence, the consequences will be disastrous.
“Come out, a big shot wants to see you.” Just as he was feeling uneasy, the prison guard came over and used his baton to draw the iron fence, took out the key and opened the iron door.
“Qiao Han, who is the big shot?”
After so many years in South Africa, Chen Wei has developed the ability to deal with the South African police. Although he cannot get out, he will not encounter unfair treatment here.
George Han took the money he stuffed without any scruples and pushed him out while chattering: “Two Chinese, diplomats from the Chinese Embassy! You are lucky, they are big shots and know a lot of people.” Big shot, it shouldn’t be difficult to get you out.”
It’s lucky, but it’s bad luck!
/The two diplomats are really afraid of whatever comes their way.
Having the right of residence does not mean that he is a South African ci