the situation best.” Isn’t

the situation best.” Isn’t
this just kicking the ball?
Zhu Jingdong himself felt that he couldn’t explain it. He looked embarrassed, did not dare to look directly, and lowered his head subconsciously.
Han Bo knocked on the table and asked calmly: “Are there any clues?”
/“Reporting to Bureau Han, we made a record. It seems that there were four security guards who took action at that time, two tall and one short. Apart from their height, the victim and onlookers had nothing to say. We can’t tell their physical characteristics. We’ve visited all the surrounding markets but there are only a few of them.” ”
The police force is so tight that they don’t even have the funds to handle the case?”
“That’s the factor.”
“I’m afraid there are other factors?” ”
The sky is falling. ” You are too tall, and if you keep hesitating like this, can this person in front of you give you good results?
Political Commissar Xu weighed it up and knocked on the table, “Lin Jinpeng, what time has it been? You are still talking nonsense! Just say whatever Director Han asks. Do you, the director, no longer want to work?” ”
Political Commissar, I ”
What am I? Come on, don’t waste Bureau Han’s precious time.”
The political commissar asked him to just say it. Director Lin gritted his teeth and said with a frown on his face: “Bureau Han, just now the person surnamed Zong mentioned that the market security guard was injured. That time we sent out the police and caught the person who did it. As soon as we took the person to the police station, Bureau Bao’s phone number came. Bureau Bao got furious on the phone and criticized us for arresting people indiscriminately. The person who said he did it The tenant ordered us to release him as a last resort to protect his legitimate rights and interests. Director Bao gave the order, so we had no choice but to release him. We were originally worried that the person named Zong would not let him go, but in the end they did not pursue the case. Medical All the expenses are borne by Jinmao Company.”
“Which Bureau Bao?”
“Bureau Bao from the Municipal Bureau.”
Bao Shuangping actually got involved. It seems that the tenants in Jinmao Market have a lot of energy. No wonder they are involved in the “Fire Protection Renovation” Zong Yongjiang, who has such a tough attitude on this issue, dare not name individual personnel within the government.
/Han Bo couldn’t help but frown slightly when he realized that the seemingly small matter of Jinmao Market was probably more complicated than imagined.
The market security guard was injured by a tenant, and Bao Shuangping asked for his release.
A tenant was injured by an unidentified security guard. The Pingbei Police Station had just launched an investigation when a district leader called again. Although he did not explicitly say that he was not allowed to investigate, he talked about the importance of fire protection renovation in Jinmao Market and asked the police station to do its best. Assist in rectifying the work of the headquarters.
The dist