hey create a few bombings in Shenzhen, Han Bo will be devastated.

hey create a few bombings in Shenzhen, Han Bo will be devastated.
Yao Changhui was equally nervous and agreed to Han Bo’s proposal.
“Comrades,” when Zhu Qianli hung up the phone, Han Bo looked at the worried people and said thoughtfully: “No matter whether Gu Sicheng and the others have gone to Shenzhen or not, one thing can be basically concluded now, their plan to take revenge on me is early. It has been brewing for a long time. We have made a lot of preparations in Dongping and even Shenzhen, so we must also be mentally prepared. Don’t expect to be able to block them at the security checkpoints, and don’t place your hopes on the migrant population records and hotel management systems. .”
“They have a foothold in Shenzheng, a place that has been prepared for a long time?” Feng Chaoyang asked solemnly.
“There should be, no, there must be!” Han Bo pondered for a moment, then continued: “Pingsheng Group had real estate projects in Dongguang back then, and Gu Sicheng was responsible for all these projects. In other words, he had many real estate projects in Dongguang and even Hong Kong. As long as they are acquaintances and have money, it is not difficult for Qian Xiaowu and Zong Hao to prepare a place to stay in advance.” Shenzheng
is so big and has such a large population. There are no clues at all. How can we find where Gu Sicheng and the others are hiding?
While Han Bo and others were thinking hard, Gu Sicheng, who had just gone to the toilet, returned to the workshop and patted Qian Xiaowu and Qian Xiaowu who were playing games in front of the laptop on the shoulders, “Stop playing, pack your things and leave now.”
“Where to go?” Qian Xiaowu was confused and put down the mouse with a puzzled look.
“Uncle Qian, what’s wrong?” Zong Hao was also puzzled and hurriedly put out the cigarette butt.
Gu Sicheng put his cell phone into his trouser pocket, sat down on the wire bed, picked up the cup and took a sip of tea, and said lightly: “I made an agreement with my friends. A big dog will fly over later, and you can follow him.” , If I don’t let you come back, don’t come back, and don’t call home, Linlin will help you take care of your home.”
/What’s going on, why has everything changed!
Qian Xiaowu couldn’t believe his ears. He stared into his eyes and asked: “Uncle Gu, what kind of song are you doing? Sister Lin will not go to South Africa. Our affairs will not be done. Uncle Hao and my dad’s Are you going to avenge yourself?”
/“Of course I have to avenge myself. If I don’t take revenge, why would I come here?” Gu Sicheng lit a cigarette and puffed out smoke and said, “Revenge is revenge, but you can’t involve yourself. For us, as long as Just achieve the goal.”
“Don’t but, listen to what I have to say,” Gu Sicheng knocked the ashes from his cigarette and said in a tone that left no room for doubt: “It’s not that easy to kill the person named Han, even if you can kill him all over. It’s not easy to retreat. Linlin is right. You are still young. There is no need to take this risk. Besid