ary newcomers and their superiors. Normally, it is just a formality for newly transferred officers to meet with the base commander. The superior encourages his subordinates to express their determination to solve the problem. Finish.

In fact, there is no need for Babington to say anything extraordinary. David’s reputation is still very loud in the military.
‘Sniper Master’ David is a crazy avenger. Various legends make David a lot of mystery in the eyes of soldiers.
It is a tradition in the army to worship the strong. Even before David entered the army, he was worshiped by many people in the army.
/Walking out of Babington’s extraordinary office, Second Lieutenant Mawson also had a look of excitement on his face. Although he followed David under the arrangement of the theater military headquarters, after he followed David, he and David had both achieved glory and loss. All lose.
Second Lieutenant Mohsen’s order was only to help David handle some affairs, not to let David mess around in the army, and to notify the military headquarters to handle it when necessary.
David is very powerful, which can be seen from the fact that so many extraordinary people died directly or indirectly at his hands.
But his resume made the military frown, because David’s revenge methods were too fierce, and as long as he could get revenge, he didn’t care about anything else.
In order to destroy a very large enterprise, David can kill everyone on a satellite. This method makes every military boss who sees the information feel frightened.
If someone in the military offends David, what kind of reaction David will make is what the big guys in the military are worried about.
That’s why Lieutenant Mohsen, an intelligence officer, became David’s adjutant. This was to protect David and avoid an unmanageable situation.
With Second Lieutenant Mawson leading the way, David felt much more relaxed. The logistics department was on the right side of the base, and he heard the noise before he entered.
“Damn old Booth, what we need are second-level weapons. You won’t let my soldiers fight the Zerg with first-level weapons. This is murder!”
/“Old Booth, why are these ten pieces of exoskeleton armor old? I want brand new ones. You can’t do this. I can’t explain it to my brothers when I go back!”
“Why are these enhanced meats so small? Is the logistics knife not fast enough?”
Several lieutenant-level officers were shouting loudly at the old captain named Booth who was sitting on the recliner, making the place look like a vegetable market.
But the old Captain Booth had a take-it-or-leave-it attitude, and was too lazy to pay attention to these lieutenant-level officers, especially the old Captain Booth who was holding a glass of juice in his hand, which was a treat only for generals.
“Captain Booth, my commander is here to collect the equipment!” Second Lieutenant Mawson seemed not to see these lieutenant-level officers, and came directly to Captain Booth and said.
These lieutenant-level officers are all logistics personnel of various ministries.