i, the core center of the Jubao Cave. The three big characters “Jubaozhai” are made up of bright white and pitch black colors. They are like the black and white formation eyes of the Tai Chi diagram, the two poles of yin and yang. When people look at it, they will feel an ancient and powerful force. .

Yin and Yang, life and death, hardness and softness, good and evil, good and bad, time and space, after seeing the words and pictures composed of “bright white and pitch black”, these six groups of twelve words rushed into Zhu Peng’s mind almost at once. , formed his first understanding and recognition.
Yin and Yang, life and death, hardness and softness, good and evil, good and bad, time and space, these six groups of twelve words almost cover all the power system properties in the spiritual world, such as Zhu Peng’s “Purple Night Health Secrets”, Zi Xiao Walking Kill, Master Yin , soft nature, partial to evil, and go against the world to perform meritorious deeds.
Health preservation refers to life, close to Yang, strong in nature, upright, and nourishing people with kindness. Therefore, it is very difficult to practice these two sets of exercises together. Even Zhu Yun, a genius of the Zhu family, has only mastered the combination of the two exercises. Qi part, and then due to various reasons, he switched to the “Heart-killing Immortal Sword Master Technique” in the holy land of Kunlun.
In other words, only Zhu Peng, who has truly died once in this world, can deeply understand the essence and connotation of this set of Qigong. Therefore, this set of powerful Qigong that integrates the polar changes of life and death, Yin and Yang, can only be done by people like Zhu Peng. Real practice and complete derivation. This understanding also affects the composition style of his swordsmanship. Zhu Peng’s “Zongheng Sword Killing” takes advantage of the general trend, is good at vertical and horizontal, and has a faint flavor of sword power between vertical and horizontal, obedience and rebellion, and life and death. Of course, it has always been It tends to be masculine and domineering, and it is not as lofty, subtle and well-deduced as the conception of “Purple Night Health Preservation Secret”.
“Hey, hey, Youlong, where are you going? What are you going to choose?” Just when Zhu Peng understood the words “Jubaozhai” in black and white, a palm directly patted his shoulder.
When Zhu Peng came back to his senses, he found that almost everyone was watching him. He was in a daze in this dangerous situation. If he didn’t make a discovery, he was extremely careless. Judging from Zhu Peng’s performance along the way, He was obviously not a reckless monk who would be careless.
“Well, thank you, Brother Tie, for reminding me. Did I just miss something?” Zhu Peng smiled at the monk named Tie behind him.
/Chapter 487 Entering the Treasure Pavilion
Then he casually shook away the palm he patted on his shoulder, without saying why he was stunned. Fortunately, Chongbao was in front of him, and no one paid special attention to his o