cave, while Zhu Peng and Bai Ling were making out and taking a rest, colorful threads hidden in the ice air floated over. Zhu Peng and Bai Ling were busy biting each other, and they were in extreme depths. Kiss the brain’s lack of oxygen.

And those colorful silk threads were not offensive in the slightest, nor did they have any fatal danger factors. Therefore, Zhu Peng and Bai Ling, whose spiritual consciousness was extremely sharp, did not notice that he and she were kissing deeply. After being stained by the floating colorful silk thread, I was instantly brought into the life memories of an ancient cultivator. He was a young cultivator. The starting point of his life was in Beihuang, Jiangzhou.
When a person is dreaming, the flow of time in the brain is completely different from that in the outside world. This is not a theory, but a conclusion. Not to mention the spiritual world, even the secular world in the past has passed various experiments and put this into practice. The conclusion is confirmed.
/That is the problem of the limit of human thinking speed. Theoretically speaking, human thinking speed is infinite. For example, if you have a dream at night, and a long time has passed in this dream, let’s use an analogy. What do you think in the dream? It lasts for ten years, but in fact, people’s dreams only last for a moment. The violent twitching of the eyes and the high-intensity operation of the cerebral cortex are dreams. And throughout the night, such a situation only occurs in a moment, and a In an instant, it feels like ten years have passed. In other words, there is no time in the dream.
/This is why many cultivators often explode immediately after experiencing inexplicable enlightenment, doubling their strength, because if you are watching from the side, they may be slightly stunned due to some kind of thing, some kind of emotion, some kind of mental shock. a while.
In this short period of time in reality, the enlightened cultivator may practice sword practice for hundreds or thousands of years in the form of “like a dream but not a dream” in the heart and mind. Even if the person wakes up and forgets most of the dream, the remaining Even if the swordsmanship is only one tenth or one percent, an ordinary swordsman can save ten years of hard work and become the best swordsman in the world. Of course, after the epiphany, it also takes a certain amount of time for the body to absorb the insights gained from the epiphany. Therefore, practitioners in the world are crying and shouting, just wanting to have one or two enlightenment experiences.
Just now, Zhu Peng experienced a ‘quasi-enlightenment’ due to external factors. In fact, he had basically woken up halfway through, and he just realized how precious an epiphany, even a ‘quasi-enlightenment’, is. Therefore, he never used the Purple Soul Sky Eye to break through the void world. However, after killing three people in the northern wasteland of Jiangzhou and burning their corpses to eliminate traces, Zhu Peng found that his subjective consciousness had