n Worm’ king, so he wouldn’t do it easily.” A big ticket guy, that’s not his character!” Aneurin Chaofan said with a smile.

Aneurin Chaofan’s words made all the Chaofans present laugh, because they had all studied David’s information and knew what the plot was.
It can be said that David has a vindictive nature. As long as he has revenge, he will definitely take revenge to the extreme.
At this time, the extraordinary people also discovered that the most terrifying thing about the ‘Stone Skin Worm’ King is his wisdom. In the previous battles, on the one hand, they did not understand the fighting style of the ‘Stone Skin Worm’ King; It can always arrange the most favorable environment for it to fight the extraordinary ones.
Now that the ‘Stoneskin Worm’ king has blinded its wisdom with hatred, it is easier to deal with the ‘Stoneskin Worm’ king who has a desperate heart.
It’s just that during the battle, the extraordinary people still need to constantly move the battlefield intentionally to avoid the influence of petrochemical gas.
It is precisely because of this that several extraordinary people are interested in chatting.
Either the ‘Stoneskin Worm’ King will give up the fight with those extraordinary and hunt him down, or the ‘Stoneskin Worm’ King will immediately run away.
David looked around, looking for the best sniping position, but he soon saw two frigates, and his eyes lit up.
/His own Razer modified ship was modified from a small frigate. Although it was not the same model, it also made him far more familiar with frigates than other warships.
The frigate is equipped with a Gauss cannon, which is a sniper weapon.
Of course, the Gauss cannon on the frigate is not prepared for dealing with small single targets, but for large targets, such as battleships.
Using a gauss cannon on a frigate to aim at a moving target the size of the ‘Stoneskin Worm’ king is far more difficult than what the operators on the frigate can do.
In addition, the third-level Zerg has a very strong sense of danger. This dangerous attack weapon will be sensed immediately as long as it is aimed at the target, making it almost impossible to hit it.
Therefore, it is not without reason that the two frigates have been using machine guns or attack missiles to attack, but they have not used gauss cannons.
/David compared the two frigates, and he chose the intact one. The short wings on his back spurted energy, and he quickly approached the frigate that hit the ground.
As he approached, he felt strange energy fluctuations, followed by a slight sense of danger.
David would not just enter like this. He first put a trace of his mind into the body of the Shadow Warrior, and controlled the Shadow Warrior to pass through the wall of the frigate and enter it.
As soon as he entered, Shadow Waiter immediately exited, because all he saw in Shadow Waiter’s eyes was the familiar gray gas, which was the petrifying gas ejected by the King of ‘Stone Skin Worms’.
David is now 100% sure that the petrifying gas of the ‘Stoneskin Worm’ King has no effec