ss in the world of spiritual practice.

“What you just bought is really a possessed demon spirit? How could there be such a good thing on a market stall?” Su Yu asked lightly as Zhu Peng moved away. She was really curious and had never thought about it. However, the Zhu Peng in front of him actually had such extensive and astonishing knowledge.
“Don’t underestimate street stalls. Many legendary monks in the world made their fortune from street stalls. Maybe there is an ‘grandpa’ from the previous era hidden in that inconspicuous pile of junk. With ‘grandpa’ ‘This portable cheating device, let alone you and me, even pigs can become immortals.”
“Yes, grandpa. Carrying grandpa with you is the most powerful weapon in the world. This is what the predecessor Donghua Shenjun did. He gathered seven grandpas and ascended to the fairy world and became the master of one world. Dou Po Shenjun also brought him with him. There are many examples of people who follow the old grandfather and gather hundreds of different fires to become invincible in the world. To use the popular words of the time, it is called: One old grandfather fell, and thousands of old grandfathers stood up.”
Zhu Peng was talking unscrupulously about trains here, but he didn’t know that because of his nonsense, Su Yu would develop the habit of running to the market when there was nothing to do. What to buy at first glance
/Along the way, Zhu Peng showed a vicious eye and a very full wallet as he picked and picked. As long as the goods were really good, he would not hesitate to buy them. Of course, what he did was not just to take Su Yu shopping for treasures. Finally, in a dark alleyway, a young man with a jade mask on his face and neat robes stopped the two of them.
/“Two distinguished guests, please don’t misunderstand me. I am just a smuggler who talks things around and runs errands to deliver messages.” He bowed deeply and bowed with strict etiquette. After first expressing a rather low profile, this young man continued to speak. He said: “I see that you two are very impressive, and you have been wandering around this city for a long time. I guess you didn’t find the good stuff you wanted, right?”
“You have?”
There was no nonsense at all, Su Yu said directly. She has a temper as clear as a sword and instinctively hates dark characters who hide their heads and show their tails.
“The villain has already said yes. I’m just an errand boy. Of course I don’t have any good things. But I know where there is a dark workshop club. If you two are in urgent need of things and have enough spiritual stones, you might as well come with me. I will definitely not let you two Your Excellency is disappointed.”
“lead the way.”
Zhu Peng rubbed his hands, and then said directly that he had been wandering around the market for a long time, waiting for this kind of people, just like the Sixiangzhai Dark Room of the three sisters of the Qin family in Qinglong City in the past, a large market, There are almost certainly dark forces that match the magnificence, and