e choice of this divine channel technique has become extremely important. The condensation and selection of the first four techniques are directly related to a monk’s future and actual combat power. As for the great magical power that is summed up after the ninth level of Qi refining, that is, the fifth skill, it depends on the skills learned previously, the insights gained, the exercises practiced and the final opportunity for enlightenment. A monk can only possess four Taoist techniques before the ninth level of Qi refining, and Zhu Peng, who has the memory of the doomsday for the next thirty years, can be said to have taken advantage of all the advantages in the selection of techniques. He deeply understands his own conditions and abilities, so he became extremely confident in choosing the direction. While other practitioners were still worrying about choosing and learning the first three minor magical powers, Zhu Peng had already condensed his first three minor magical powers. finished.

Chapter 040 Today’s battle report, a great victory on the front line
These three magical powers are “Thrust, Iron Shun Shen, and Thunder Cut” with extremely powerful sudden kill capabilities, “Iron Hand Bagua, Sixty-Four Palms” with complex mysteries that require extremely high basic qualifications, and Zhu Peng’s rebirth. Previously, the auxiliary secret technique that I was best at in my previous life was “Celestial Silkworm Yin, Silk Puppet Technique”. Don’t think it’s missing just three Taoist skills. In fact, when it comes to fighting, all kinds of magical powers can be converted into complex changes. Just one “Iron Hand Bagua” can split the Bagua into two palms, four palms, and eight palms. Sixteen palms, thirty-two palms, and even the final sixty-fourth palm strike.
After many years of hard training and hard work, coupled with the various memories in Zhu Peng’s mind, Zhu Peng at this time, although not powerful, has begun to have the infinite foundation to become a strong man.
/The next day, Zhu Peng and Li Shishi were chatting and laughing in the Zongxue, quite free and casual. It was not just the two of them, but the entire Zongxue class was like this now. Even the most rigid and rigorous teacher, during this period Students will not be overly constrained by time, because the major exams for religious studies have already been scheduled. Today’s clan schools are just like high school students in the outside world who have just completed the college entrance examination. Although they are in the same environment and have the same classmates, the mood and atmosphere are completely different.
Just when the whole school was laughing and making a mess, a student holding a newspaper suddenly burst in excitedly, shouting loudly as he ran back: “Great victory on the front line, great victory on the front line! The latest battle report from the front line, The contemporary immortal master of the Scarlet Shadow Immortal Sect led a group to sneak attack on the No. 3 mineral vein last night. As a result, he was discovered by Zhu