nce he was a child.

His father, Zhong Wanchou, was just fine, but his mother, Gan Baobao, was sometimes indifferent, making Zhong Ling feel that she hated him deeply.
/Zhong Ling thought of this and shook his little head, but he didn’t want to think about it anymore.
Since she is not loved by her parents, her cultivation is a bit mixed. She is good at Qigong and Kungfu, but neither Zhong Wanchou nor Gan Baobao bothers to teach her martial arts. It’s not that they don’t teach her at all, they just leave out the formulas. Let you practice it yourself
Zhong Ling is not a monster-like prodigy. It is strange that he can achieve great results from difficult formulas without anyone’s guidance.
Fortunately, the deficiencies in martial arts can be made up by controlling spiritual beasts, and Zhong Ling has been interested in this aspect since he was a child. Ordinary rare spiritual beasts are also willing to get close to pure beauties, but gradually, Zhong Ling begins to miss Zi. Lightning ermine of Thunder Valley.
She has not been loved by her parents since she was a child. When she was young, even the older servants in the family could kick and hit her. Her embarrassing status made it difficult for her to make close friends. No matter from which aspect, Zhong Ling needed someone. Have potential and strong enough spiritual beasts as companions.
However, the lightning ferrets of Purple Thunder Valley are not ordinary beasts. The ordinary monks in the sky can only be killed by lightning ferrets in Purple Thunder Valley. Even the strong Buxu are not willing to fight in such an absolutely disadvantageous environment. There is no advantage or necessity in keeping the lightning ferrets in the right group.
Therefore, Zhong Ling just hoped that he could capture a lightning ferret cub and be satisfied with slowly cultivating it in the future.
Unfortunately, she had been lurking in the Purple Thunder Valley for half a year. The lightning ferret was so protective of its cubs that she had no chance at all.
However, on this day, a veritable opportunity “came from heaven”.
That night, the purple thunder in the sky was unusually strong, like a giant thunder dragon roaring in the night sky. Zhong Ling accidentally raised his head in the simple thatched house he built, and saw on the thunder-filled sky, something appeared. A sunken black hole burning with thunder.
/The next moment, a blazing white electric light accompanied by purple fire all over the sky crashed to the ground like a meteor, and the direction was exactly the direction of the lightning minks that Zhong Ling had always been concerned about.
“Boom” a huge explosion sounded.
Purple Thunder Valley is filled with thunder all year round, and the spatial structure is inherently unstable. It is normal for the current to occasionally focus and create one or two space-time depressions. However, it is rare for things to fall from above. In fact, the spatial barrier is still very strong. .
Zhong Ling was curious and quickly escaped. She was a mess in martial arts and swordsm