mortality. After all, Qi Dao has been the absolute mainstream of immortality practice since ancient times.

It’s not that practitioners since ancient times have not realized other cultivation methods besides Qi Dao practice, body path, state of mind, techniques, and general trend. All the practices may have been thoroughly studied by those practicing monsters since ancient times, but In the end, the big waves washed away the sand, but what was washed out was the main body of the immortal path of Qi method practice. This does not mean that other practice tendencies are weak, but is determined by the practice characteristics of the five path practitioners.
Practitioners who refine their mental state have the heavenly heart in their upper body, all things in their lower body, and the true self in their middle body.
Paying attention to single-mindedness, enlightenment and achievement, the most important thing is opportunity. This kind of practitioner mainly tempers the seven emotions and six desires as well as some extreme emotions, such as hatred and justice. The advantage is that as long as they are consistent and enlightened, they can make rapid progress. In some specific situations He also has great explosive power. For example, if a person is filled with hatred, when he encounters his enemy, his true energy will boil, his mind will be unified, and his combat power will increase by more than 50%.
But the disadvantage is that it is easy to go too far, easy to go to extremes, and difficult to enter the right path. The most classic representative sect is Buddhism. Those monks really say as they say: “One thought becomes a Buddha, one thought becomes a demon.”
/Although they have found the most stable state of mind: the vast Buddha’s heart that cuts off all seven emotions and six desires, in fact, once their vast Buddha’s heart is broken, they will immediately turn from Buddha to demon, and their thoughts will change from pure kindness to pure Evil, so Buddhism can be said to be the representative sect of mind practitioners.
In addition, the most important thing in mental state practice is illusory opportunities and sudden enlightenments. How many eminent monks from famous sects have been unable to achieve sudden enlightenment after practicing hard for a lifetime, but some ordinary believers often have many people who have suddenly enlightened the Buddha’s mind. In order to seek the opportunity for sudden enlightenment, there is even a legend spread in Buddhism. The name of this peculiar method that is widely spread in the mortal world is: “a wake-up call.” Don’t you understand? Not enlightened? I’ll give you a blow to the head and see if you realize it or not.
Practicing Qi Dharma, accumulating skills, going into seclusion for hundreds of years, and practicing hard for thousands of years may be really hard, tiring, and difficult, but compared to cultivating the state of mind, waiting for the opportunity of enlightenment that may never come to you in a lifetime, Qi Dharma Cultivation is actually a proven path to im