re, he simply ignored Sanqiuyi and said No matter what, you have to be a dead ghost.

Zhu Peng, who has not yet entered the foundation-building Bigu Realm, is still unable to fully replenish himself with the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, so he often replaces some easy-to-preserve bacon and dry food in his bag. Normally, Zhu Peng does not know these things. Food, unless you encounter danger or special circumstances, and are trapped in some place or formation, these stale things will become food to save your life.
/But even if it was something that Zhu Peng looked down upon, it was pure natural and pollution-free flesh and blood of animals. For ordinary mortals, they would never even think about getting their hands on such things that come from the cave world.
So the aroma and deliciousness of the smoked pig head almost made the man eat his own tongue. Looking at the man nibbling, and then looking at the pair of sisters with wary faces, Zhu Peng, who has always been alert, actually She was shocked to find that she didn’t know what to say. The worlds they lived in were completely different. Zhu Peng couldn’t even think of what they wanted to hear from their perspective.
Just when the atmosphere was awkward, a swaying woman in white suddenly walked in from outside. This girl was very beautiful, and unusually clean in this apocalyptic world. She had big eyes and long black hair. The combination of white and delicate skin and pure and beautiful cheeks creates a lovely look. If it weren’t for the loss of focus in her eyes, even Zhu Peng would be moved to admire such a beauty.
/Just her entrance made the two girls who were huddled in the corner turn pale with fright. Zhu Peng noticed that they kept looking at the fading sunlight outside, as if they were afraid of the coming of the dark night. And that beautiful girl who didn’t look like a mortal, slowly walked up to Zhu Peng, with her warm jade and fragrant fragrance, and actually threw herself into his arms.
Seeing her move, the taller girl opened her mouth and almost screamed, but the round-faced girl next to her immediately covered her mouth, but the fear in her eyes was clearly conveyed The two characters “danger” appear.
Even if he didn’t see the meaning in her eyes, Zhu Peng would not hug a girl of unknown origin casually. There is nothing wrong with people being sick and lustful, but in essence, Zhu Peng is not a casual person, it’s just that he is casual. It just doesn’t differentiate between people. Although the girl in front of him was beautiful, Zhu Peng felt a rotten smell from her body, which reminded him inexplicably of the decayed look conveyed to him by the Purple Soul Sky Eyes when he looked down from high in the sky. .
He stepped back gently, avoiding the girl’s embrace. Although she exuded a strange and charming charm, it was effective for ordinary people, especially men. For Zhu Peng, it had little effect, at the most basic level. It’s just a charm illusion. If this can affect Zhu Peng, it would be a joke.
It seems that she has never been r