ming guests at the door were also really busy.

The voices of the disciples chanting and singing kept coming and going!
/“Fengyang County Governor Yu Tongguang and Lord Yu are here to wish the head of the family a birthday!”
“Wang Shao, the captain of Fengyang County, came to wish the head of the family a birthday!”
“Mr. Gu Chengyan from Fengyang County is here to wish the head of the family a birthday!”
“Master Yu You of the Yu family of Fengyang County is here to wish the head of the family a birthday!”
“Fengyang County Supervisor and Censor Yao is here to wish the master of the family a birthday!”
The front yard was full of guests and friends. With the arrival of several important guests from the county, even Qi Yi, as the longevity minister, could only come forward to accompany him in person.
On the other side, Zhang Jian felt something was wrong in the atmosphere.
Not only the guests who came, but the entire Qi family also smelled of bloodshed inside and outside.
Chapter 46 Death of Zhou
Qi Yi General, the county governor Yu Tongguang, the county lieutenant Wang Shao, and the county supervisor and censor and several other distinguished guests came to the main hall together.
These are the highest-ranking people in Fengyang County.
The county governor, Yu Tongguang, held great power. He could appoint and remove county magistrates who were not appointed by the imperial court. Several county lieutenants and other county officials could be appointed and dismissed by the county magistrate, which can be said to be extremely powerful.
The county lieutenant Wang Shao is in charge of Fengyang County’s military garrison and public security. The county chief Yuyou is a local official. He is the head of the Yu family, a prominent family in the county, and the official in the county second only to the county guard.
County Supervisor Yao He is not just a simple character. He holds the power to supervise local officials and can report to the court at any time. He has been smiling since he entered the main hall.
Zhang Jian noticed that after these county heavyweight officials entered the main hall, the dragon and tiger energy hovering over the Qi family became extremely alarming.
The feudal officials indeed have their own temperament, and they can deal with it with extraordinary means.
“If you want to break this dragon-tiger aura and harm these feudal officials, you can’t use spells. You can only use your own spiritual power to kill with warriors’ methods, or you have to manage to break this layer of dragon-tiger aura before you can use spells.”
Zhang Jian was thinking secretly.
It is very difficult to achieve these two conditions. The former is difficult because most of these county guards are military generals. To become a county guard itself is an extraordinary martial arts skill. There are also extraordinary military generals and personal guards around you. .
As for the latter, unless the order within a county is in chaos, the counties are festering, and public opinion backfires, the dragon-tiger spirit ma