‘t have any doubts, he said in a deep voice.

“This is exactly the original intention of the poor man who came to look for Mr. Zhang. Now the dragon vein is close to being formed, but now the evil spirit is leaking out. This evil spirit has filled the imperial city. If it goes on for a long time, it may cause a natural disaster!”
After a slight pause, he said again.
“It will also lead to a civil commotion!”
Zhang Jian glanced at Taoist Jingming and asked him to continue.
Taoist Jingming said again: “For the current plan, the only way to solve this disaster is to refine the treasure as soon as possible. However, this treasure still lacks the last main ingredient. Only by turning the anger into peace can the treasure be achieved!”
He said with a solemn expression: “We have discovered the location of this treasure, but the main material is located in a strange ruins, filled with countless evil spirits. We want to use Mr. Zhang’s power to complete the final result!”
Hearing this, Zhang Jian’s eyes fluctuated and he asked: “I wonder where this ruin is? How dangerous is it?”
Taoist Jingming felt happy when he saw that Zhang Jian did not seem to resist this matter. At least Zhang Jian’s current attitude was not a direct rejection.
He smiled and said: “This is a special ruins located in the Void Realm. The level of danger is not high. This ruins has been explored by our Cave God Observation for some time, but there are several restrictions inside that are filled with the remnants of gods and demons. The soul is also cursed by the devil, but Mr. Zhang needs to take action!”
At this time, he took out a jade slip from his hand and handed it to Zhang Jianda.
“This is the floor plan of the ruins. After Mr. Zhang reads it, he can destroy it directly!”
Zhang Jian took it casually, glanced at it with his vast Yangshen consciousness, and his eyes suddenly fluctuated slightly.
“I see!”
He crushed the jade slip directly in his hand, thought for a while, and then said.
/“Since you are invited by the Imperial Master, I will seriously consider it!”
Zhang Jian did not agree immediately.
Taoist Jingming was not surprised when he saw this, and just said: “If Mr. Zhang is willing to go, he can also put forward conditions. If Dongshen Temple can do it, Pindao will definitely agree!”
After saying that, he slightly cupped his hands and slowly left Zhang Mansion with his disciples.
Looking at the leaving figure of Taoist Jingming, a strange thought flashed through Zhang Jian’s mind.
Judging from the attitude of Taoist Jingming, he may be able to use Taoist Jingming as a springboard in the future to directly pull Dongshen Temple over.
/Maybe this time we can test the attitude of one or two Taoist Jingming!
Chapter 294: Masterful Enlightenment
In the No. 1 Scholar’s Mansion, Zhang Jian held a copy of the “Sun Sutra” in his hand. This time it was not a false sutra, but a real sutra. This was the true classic written by the Sun King of the West Pole.
Zhang Jian scanned it briefly, but felt that he benefited a lot.
In the eyes of