huckled when he heard this. Demon-Slayer True Monarch glanced at Zhang Jian and scolded: “This is just what others say!”

“The reason why the ‘Nine Cauldron Secret Technique’ is not passed down personally is that it is a national destiny immortal method, and it is also a holy king’s immortal method!”
“It has a premise. The most basic one is to condense the fate of the emperor, or to create a dynasty and condense the destiny of the country!”
“Other than that, it has no other restrictions. If there are other holy kings in the human race who can pass the test left by the founder of Tongshan Taoism, they can also hope to obtain such wonderful magic to protect the Tao. The founder has no selfish motives!”
Hearing this, Zhang Jian’s expression changed.
/“Then do disciples need to enter the sect and pass the test?”
Demon-Slaying Lord glanced at him.
“There is no need for that. You only need to go to the ancestor’s presence, offer him a stick of incense, and you will get the wonderful method!”
Hearing this, Zhang Jian’s eyes lit up and he couldn’t help but praise.
“The Patriarch is really noble and upright, with the demeanor of a holy king!”
The Demon-Slaying Lord snorted softly upon hearing this.
“Stop talking nice words and come with something more practical!”
“Something more practical?”
Zhang Jian blinked and immediately complained loudly.
“Master, your disciple and I are a pauper, and you helped me snatch the only family I have, King Jinren!”
“You want to know clearly!”
Demon-Slayer True Monarch looked at Zhang Jian who started to ‘complain’ and immediately shook his head.
“You naughty guy, I don’t need your baby as my teacher, I’m just your ‘person’!”
Zhang Jian was startled, but saw Taoist Jueming next to him looking at him with a smile.
“Don’t pretend to be confused. Your third son, Zhang Xian, is attracted by the master brother. Just tell him, are you willing?!”
Hearing this, Zhang Jian was startled and said.
/“This is a good thing. Xian’er can become the disciple of the master teacher. This is a dream come true for the disciples. Why don’t you want to!”
Zhang Jian smiled bitterly in his heart. During the banquet, he noticed that Taoist Jueming was staring at Zhang Xian with vague eyes.
As he expected, Jueming Taoist fell in love with Zhang Xian.
Zhang Xian’s qualifications can be said to be the best among several children.
Chapter 364: Declining God Qi Clan?
Zhang Jian secretly scolded this old guy for his vicious eyes.
Taoist Master Jueming said with a smile: “Master Nephew Zhang is an enlightened man. Two generations of father and son have joined the Tongshan Taoist lineage. This is a good story to spread!”
He said again immediately.
“Master Nephew Zhang, don’t worry. After the third prince enters my sect, I will naturally not treat him poorly. Although my ability to teach disciples is not as good as yours, I have had seven or eight disciples in my sect for thousands of years.” A real person from the Yuan Shen, and a few other great real people!”
He looked humble, but his e