at was a great demon god of the carp tribe sent by the Green Carp Palace.

The great demon god was very excited after Bai Liying made his choice, and was looking around for Bai Liying’s identity.
/Zhang Jian was of course extremely unhappy when someone was thinking about his Taoist companion.
After being stared at by Zhang Jian for a long time, he noticed the unkind gaze deep in Zhang Jian’s eyes, and the powerful demon god of the Green Carp Palace also felt that his scalp was in trouble.
The divine light contained in the depths of Zhang Jian’s eyes was extremely strong and beyond the reach of anyone.
On the altar, black divine light slowly emerged from Bai Liying’s body.
The huge Xuanming Dragon Carp above her head turned into a black stream of light and sank into the depths of her eyebrows. The naked eye could see the countless water spirits and ice spirits gathering around her.
An extremely cold power emanated from her body, with a barbaric and overbearing barbaric flavor inside.
The energy in her body was climbing steadily at this moment, and the continuous water spirit creation above her head merged into her body. In an instant, her Taoist magic power reached the peak of the golden elixir realm.
There is more power flowing around the body.
That was the evil wind and fire tribulation of the golden elixir breaking through the Yin Shen realm.
Bai Liying did not hesitate, and directly merged the spirit and energy at this moment, integrating the golden elixir into the three souls and seven souls.
A ray of light against life and death, the light of time emanates from her body.
Countless evil winds and yin fires surrounded her, trying to saturate the yin light above her head.
But it was soon broken by a strong black divine light.
That is the innate Xuanming divine light.
The natal divine light of Xuanming Dragon Carp.
This cold light turned into countless ice crystal barriers blocking Bai Liying’s body.
Bai Liying’s magic power is still rising with the awakening of that wild and magnificent power.
“The foundation of immortality has been established!”
True Lord Wuliang and True Lord Qingyun looked at this scene and sighed secretly.
Bai Liying is undoubtedly extremely wise in this state.
Not to mention anything else, just transforming into the body of a pure-blood Xuanming dragon and carp is equivalent to transforming into the body of a divine beast in one step. After a long life accumulation, no matter how poor the understanding is, it is still the body of a divine beast.
Xuanming Dragon Carp is also a relatively powerful beast among the mythical beasts. It is possible for Tao Xing to reach the realm of true immortals after reaching adulthood.
If you transform into a dragon at that time, the transformed dragon body will be far more dense than other real dragons.
On the high platform, visions soared into the sky.
The one with the strongest vision is undoubtedly Bai Liying, who returned to her ancestors by taking the body of an ordinary alien dragon and carp and transformed into the mythical beast