apart the demon soul’s true body in an instant.

“Innate magical power, one yuan of heavy water!”
Looking at this scene, Zhang Jian’s eyes were filled with confusion.
Innate shortcuts, most of the innate true water between heaven and earth are innate magical powers, which are transformed by the authority of some people with great magical powers.
Every type of innate true water, innate divine fire, and innate divine wind has incredible power.
/Spells cast with this kind of innate source will always be more powerful than immortal spells of the same level.
Just like he used the authority of Emperor Sheji to perform second-level divine arts, but this kind of innate power is still inferior to the simple powerful divine position, and the power blessing of a person similar to Emperor Sheji.
It’s just that this demon soul is not a kind person. Before the demon soul collapsed, a purple light suddenly shot out from the depths of its eyes, and it suddenly rushed towards one of the true immortal-level incense gods.
The face of this god of incense changed, and countless black-yellow rays of light flowed around him and turned into countless earth-yellow crystals in front of him, like round stars covering the whole body.
I saw a large area of ??khaki light collapse, and the purple light penetrated most of the khaki stars.
“Dui Ze?”
Seeing this scene, the other man’s expression changed and he hurriedly stepped forward.
But they saw the broken earth and stars turned into countless fragments. At this time, the fragments were dyed with a layer of purple light, as if they were penetrated by this terrifying celestial demon light, but there was a figure wearing transparent crystal diamond armor walking out of it.
“Fortunately, I brought the Lingtu Armor with me this time, otherwise I might not be able to withstand this second-level immortal magic and the ancient demon’s soul-devouring power!”
Taoist Duize looked happy at this moment.
The leader of the Shinto strongman saw this and said calmly.
“Now that we have solved this troublesome ancient demon, we will continue to move forward. We should soon be close to the core of Sea Eye. It is more dangerous there. Everyone, keep your spirits up!”
In fact, everyone knew more clearly that the fatal thing was the high-level monks outside Qingping Dragon Palace who might return at any time.
If the existence in the depths of the Sea Eye cannot be released before this, all of them may not be able to get out of this secret place of the Sea Eye.
In the void, the remnant soul of the ancient demon was unwilling to give up, wailing and gradually turned into a large piece of purple light and collapsed.
/Streams of light flew past under the purple light.
Zhang Jian followed closely behind.
Under the cover of the Golden Lotus Hidden Breathing Technique, his figure now seemed to turn into a jade pond golden lotus, moving silently.
Zhang Jian followed the group of people leisurely, watching the group break through the powerful immortal magic restrictions everywhere.
At this time, it is clo