es that with this magic card in hand, David will not pose a threat to him at all.

The spirit of Dart’s sniper master taps lightly on the magic card in his hand. He can use the spirit, but also thanks to the spiritual skills he got from the powerful people in the divine world.
Compared with the technology of the Interstellar Federation, the Interstellar Federation lags behind greatly in cultivation.
The Divine World can compete with the powerful battleships of the Interstellar Federation by relying only on their cultivated bodies. The gap between the two cultivation systems is so great that it is unimaginable.
A faint light flashed on the magic card, and then special energy activated the pattern on the magic card, and a ray of light shot towards David who rushed up.
David felt that something was wrong, and his body wanted to use the beyond-limit joint ability brought by the ‘Contortion Technique’ to dodge this light. However, this light seemed to be guided, and David’s dodge had no effect at all. , the light shot into David’s body.
/Almost instantly, David felt weak throughout his body.
Weakness caused his strength to decline rapidly, and even his speed, everything dropped to one-third of its previous level.
The decline in David’s strength caused the custom-made exoskeleton armor to put a terrible pressure on his body. This is a thousand kilograms of pressure. Fortunately, his physique has not declined, and he can withstand the pressure of the custom-made exoskeleton armor for a short period of time. .
The most basic requirement for exoskeleton armor is a force of one thousand kilograms. Without this strength, it is impossible to withstand the pressure of the exoskeleton armor on the body.
David’s condition was very poor at the moment. Although he could still swing his arms, the third-grade heavy ax in his hand was too heavy, and his swing was too slow to pose a threat.
“You should feel proud that I wasted a weak magic talisman for you. The value of this magic talisman is beyond your imagination!” Dart sniper master said as he flew five meters in front of David.
He knew how long the Amulet of Weakness lasted, which was long enough for him to kill David, so he still had time to speak to David.
Master Sniper Dart pulled out a third-level military spur from his calf. This is a third-level standard equipment specially equipped by the military for high-level talents like him.
David let go and allowed the third-grade heavy ax to fly. He also took out the ‘Extraordinary Army Spur’ from his calf. Of course, it is impossible to see the extraordinary properties of the ‘Extraordinary Army Spur’ until it is used.
“Master David, I didn’t expect that you would actually prepare to fight me against the Army Thorn. It is true that the third-level heavy ax is too heavy for you now. This third-level heavy ax will become my collection. You made the wrong choice. Well, as a sniper master, I have received the most professional training as a spur, you cannot defeat it!” Master Sniper Dart looked at David’s ‘extraordinary spur’