ee Saints Palace, the spiritual materials of heaven and earth, and the ancient Bodhi tree, were all swept away. ‘Take away.

Boom! !
But he saw that it was like a giant nine-color palm grasping the heaven and earth, covering the Three Saints Palace from top to bottom.
Shi Rui was in the void. He witnessed it with his own eyes and couldn’t help being dazzled.
As a ‘mortal’, he was not too shocked that Zhang Jian killed two demon commanders and captured many demon gods.
But the sight before him only shocked him.
Moving mountains and seas, carrying mountains and chasing the moon, seems to be within the palm of your hand.
After a moment, they saw that the earth was cracked thousands of feet deep beneath where the Three Saints Palace was located.
A big black hole appeared.
And an island-like palace was instantly swept up and disappeared by the nine-color divine light.
“Good disciple, let’s find out the bad luck of that demon king!”
Zhang Jian was in a very good mood at this time and took Shi Rui to fly into the sky and escape with the nine-color divine light.
And a huge black hole with a depth of several thousand feet appeared on the ground.
It was like a bottomless hole appeared out of thin air on Moyun Ridge.
After the nine-colored divine light flew away, demon soldiers, demon generals, and even other demon gods sneaked back.
Most of these demon gods saw the movement subsided and prepared to come back to pick up the leaks.
But the huge hole in front of them made them frightened and suddenly became speechless.
At this time, beside the huge cave, the figure of the green-clothed banshee appeared. She also saw this scene, her eyes fluctuated, and she felt helpless in her heart.
The other party is really ruthless when searching for it!
Don’t give others a chance to drink soup at all!
Eat alone!
“I just don’t know which strong person in this world took action. Master, has he never mentioned that there is such a person in the Zhoushan world?”
The green-clothed banshee’s eyes were filled with surprise.
At the same time, there was a hint of worry in her eyes. Looking at the posture of this powerful immortal god, I am afraid that he will cause trouble for the demon king next!
At this time, on another side, a handsome young man with a sword on his waist was also looking at this scene from a distance. His face was extremely handsome, but his handsomeness was not feminine, but instead he had a masculine expression and a heroic face. .
At this time, he changed his previous careless attitude and his eyes were solemn.
/Looking at the large hole emerging in the center of the original site of the Three Saints Palace from a distance, he also felt a little solemn in his heart.
This demon god had appeared in the Three Holy Temples before, and had even pretended to be the high priest of the demon clan.
He was planning how to sneak into the Three Saints Palace, but he didn’t expect that in the blink of an eye, the Three Saints Palace would be taken over.
“It’s a pity. I originally wanted to sneak in and check wheth