the Taiyin Fairy under her nose, getting rid of her surveillance.

“Why did such an accident suddenly happen?”
Zhang Jian was also a little solemn.
The Taiyin Fairy is a huge hidden danger.
It can’t be killed, but it can’t let her return smoothly either.
If they escape from surveillance, for many immortals and gods who are close to Qingxia Daojun, it means losing control of risks.
Once the other party returns, he may not be able to pose a threat to Qingxia Daojun, but it will be very dangerous to them.
Baihua Fairy’s jade face has a look of killing.
“The place where Taiyin reincarnates is in the Jiuhuang World, which is one of the core realms in the northeastern part of the human dimension. Its scale is almost the same as that of the Donghua Realm that has not yet ascended to another dimension. Its foundation is a little different, but there are also many strong people in it. I have been keeping an eye on it since I came to the lower realm, but something happened in the heaven some time ago, so I went back, and when I came back, I found that Taiyin had disappeared!”
Baihua Fairy looked a little annoyed.
“It seems that the other party is very aware of your existence and is even more aware of your actions!”
Zhang Jian frowned.
If this is the case, the other party may be the immortal god in the central heaven, or simply the old friend of the Taiyin Fairy.
As a Taoist Lord of the Heavenly Realm, you will have more or less some relatives and friends.
Baihua Fairy nodded.
“I think so too!”
She looked thoughtful, but unfortunately she didn’t have a specific suspect.
“Have you ever used a tracking treasure? Or used the eyes of heaven?”
Zhang Jian is referring to Lantai Palace, which is controlled by Qingxia Taojun.
Although Daojun Qingxia is on an expedition, she still has an incarnation, and she still has enough control over the eyes of Lantai Dao Palace.
Fairy Baihua shook her head and said.
“We have used many secret tracing methods, but the message is still there or not, as if there are thousands of targets scattered in the human dimension, the celestial dimension, and even the netherworld dimension.”
Zhang Jian’s eyes fluctuated, which proved that the person who took action may be Daojun.
/Generally speaking, if immortals and gods come forward to track them, they may not be of much use.
Unless Taojun Qingxia comes forward in person.
It’s just that Qingxia Daojun is currently on an expedition in an unknown place in the heavens and cannot return at all.
Zhang Jian felt heavy in his heart. It was really disturbing that such an accident happened at this time.
he sighed.
“Now that the person is out of control, we can only try to arrange arrangements from other aspects, snipe, and try to make her return as late as possible!”
Fairy Baihua nodded, with a sharp look in her eyes.
/She didn’t believe that the other party could protect Fairy Taiyin without revealing any flaws.
After all, Taiyin Immortal Lord is the god of Taiyin.
If you want to return in the future, you will inevitably have to activate t