eved success and has escaped the suffering of reincarnation.

This is also his next small goal after taking a life test.
Fortune-telling, golden elixir, Yin Shen, Yuanshen!
Zhang Jian hesitated secretly.
The two of them were talking in detail, but they were not slow in their steps, and they had already stepped into the Xiongfeng’s nest of Shuangfeng Liangyi Fengshui Bureau.
/Zhang Jian could feel that the beautiful aura surrounding the mountains and rivers was gathering towards this place.
It’s just that this convergence speed is extremely slow.
Soon after, the two saw a magnificent tree growing on the side of the mountain col with a towering crown.
This is a huge golden sycamore tree, a relatively rare tree species. It is not a spiritual plant, but its whole body is surrounded by a spiritual power.
Bai Xianyin’s eyes lit up when she looked at the ancient tree. She cheered, and a burst of white energy rushed out from her hand. In an instant, she opened a hole in the ancient tree and took out an extremely luxurious and colorful feather.
Looking at this feather shining with colorful divine light, Zhang Jian’s eyes moved.
“Is this what you call a naturally conceived baby?”
Zhang Jian was a little bit dumbfounded.
But he had already vaguely guessed what it was.
Sure enough, Bai Xianyin was happy at first, but when she heard this, she immediately became dissatisfied and said: “Young master, this is not a treasure. These are the feathers left after the Phoenix Nirvana. The real treasure contains part of the essence of the Phoenix beast! ”
Chapter 89 Teaching
Phoenix feathers?
This confirmed Zhang Jian’s suspicion. He looked at the feather, and his sensitive mind felt a distant and holy flavor from it.
Bai Xianyin was fondly playing with the phoenix feather in her hand. She obviously liked this extremely luxurious phoenix feather, but she still gave it to Zhang Jian.
“My young master, this feather still contains a bit of pure phoenix true fire. You must be careful not to use magic power to induce it. This is also the last glimmer of hope for the Phoenix Spirit Ghost King!”
Zhang Jian took the colorful feathers and stroked them gently with his fingers. Deep in his eyes, he felt a strong spiritual pressure.
This spiritual pressure seems to come from the depths of the soul, and is the power of an ancient creature, as if it is rooted in the heart.
It’s like a mouse facing a cat.
The power of this kind of divine beast is incredible.
The five-colored divine light belonging to the phoenix appeared in Zhang Jian’s mind, and he had some thoughts in his mind, but after remembering Bai Xianyin’s reminder, he decided not to commit suicide.
He carefully put away the phoenix feather first.
Zhang Jian felt slightly relieved after successfully obtaining this phoenix feather.
At this time, deep in the phoenix nest, a clear and terrifying phoenix cry suddenly came.
The sharp sound of the phoenix’s cry suddenly shook the sky.
As if sensing the changes in the pattern of Shuangfeng and Liangyi in Fengchao Mountain, bo