am afraid that he will soon return to his sect and take charge of the overall situation of his lineage for him. On behalf of His interests came forward to negotiate with many.

After becoming a Taoist, both his Taoism and his status in the heavens and worlds will be completely different, and the things he will face will also be completely different.
That night, Tongshan Taoism fell into a carnival.
Central heaven, heaven.
The fifth level of the heavenly realm.
After Zhang Jianzheng became the Taoist Lord, a special envoy from the heavenly realm entered the fifth level of the heavenly realm, the Nine Nether Emperor’s mansion, to announce the decree.
The special envoy can also be regarded as an ‘old acquaintance’ of Emperor Jiuyou’s residence.
Taibai Xingjun.
Outside the mansion, the Qi family led many children of the Zhang family to come out to greet him.
There are also a group of concubines around.
All the girls kowtowed together to receive the decree.
This is the emperor’s decree. It is preceded by some flowery official words, but the meaning revealed in it surprises the girls.
That is the success of Jiuyou Impeachment Emperor Zhang Jian’s promotion to Dao Lord.
The name of the Emperor of Earth and Taojun has already moved the world.
At this time, many of the Zhang family’s children behind him could not hide their joy.
If he hadn’t been worried about losing his etiquette in front of Taibai Xingjun, he would have shouted loudly.
But they were still smiling.
Since then, the Zhang Clan’s Immortal Clan has grown rapidly in all the worlds, and can be called the lineage of the Dao Lord.
Taibai Xingjun took in this scene and was not surprised. There was a smile on his face.
This time the Jade Emperor sent him here, of course, not just to congratulate him.
There are also some substantial good things, otherwise how to win over such a newly promoted Dao Lord.
The most valuable reward among them is to raise the order of the Nine Nether Impeachment Emperor by one rank.
/From Sequence Nine among the High-level Three Sequences, he was promoted to Sequence Ten among the Three Sequences of Princes.
This is the treatment that Heavenly Court Dao Lord should have.
Beyond that it’s ‘real money’!
The Jade Emperor rarely gave some valuable treasures, including a gourd of nine-turn resurrecting elixir circulated in the Tushita Palace, and a gourd of seven-turn golden elixir.
Although the seventh-turn golden elixir is not as heaven-defying as the nine-turn golden elixir, it is still one that can shape a Taiyi-level immortal god.
And there are very few side effects.
There are twenty pieces in a gourd.
It is equivalent to being able to create at least a dozen Taiyi-level immortals. If given to Taiyi-level immortals, there is only hope of creating several Taiyi-level immortals.
If he were given the command of an immortal at the Taiyi level, there would be hope of creating one or two Taiyi immortals.
This is a great gift.
In addition, the Jade Emperor waved his hand and granted a spiritual mountain cave as a cele